T. E. Woods Fixed in Fear: A Justice Novel


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Fixed in Fear: A Justice Novel“ von T. E. Woods

The Fixer returns in the pulse-pounding Justice series—perfect for fans of Lisa Gardner, Karin Slaughter, and Jeff Lindsay’s Dexter thrillers—as worlds collide in an inferno of bloodshed, revenge, and holy terror.   I’ll probably never see my daughter again. And if I do, she’ll either be dead or in a jail cell.   Seattle Chief of Detectives Mort Grant cannot reconcile the memories of his vibrant, headstrong young daughter with the cold, deadly woman she has become. The head of one of the largest criminal enterprises in the world, Allie Grant seized power by wrenching it away from her lover, a notorious Russian gangster. How she maintains her control, Mort doesn’t even want to imagine.   Only two other people know the truth about Allie: the vigilante known as The Fixer, and Mort’s best friend, Larry, who’s undergoing a crisis of his own. Someone close to Larry, his last real connection to his beloved late wife, has been slain in a mass murder at a sweat lodge deep in the woods of Washington State. When word gets out, Mort immediately takes on the gruesome case.   But as Mort hunts down a pair of methodical killers, The Fixer does some deep digging of her own. And what she unearths will rock Mort’s family forever. Because The Fixer has set her sights on Allie Grant—and nothing will ever be the same again.   Praise for The Fixer   “Hot and unpredictable, this debut hurls you down the curvy gray avenues of right and wrong at about a hundred and fifty miles per hour. Strap yourself in!”—Amanda Kyle Williams, author of The Stranger You Seek   “Pitch-perfect . . . solid characters, unpredictable twists and excellent plotting; a must-read for those who enjoy crime fiction.”—Kirkus Reviews
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  • T.E. Woods - Fixed in Fear

    Fixed in Fear: A Justice Novel


    06. December 2015 um 15:02

    The Fixer – a person who fixes things that need to be fixed, i.e. take justice where the legal system does not provide it – is back. Nobody knows about her identity except for Seattle Chief Detective Mort Grant who has a tricky case to solve in which one of his friends is involved and has to face serious threats to his family – coming from his own daughter who long ago opted for the dark side and is know a czarina looking over an empire making money with drugs, prostitution and murder. The thrilling novel which intertwines both plots cleverly and provides masses of unexpected twists and turns which keep the reader on a constant watch. Having the protagonists personally involved in the deeds adds another aspects and a lot more tension since they cannot act freely but have to consider more than just the legal aspects. Right and wrong are not black and white anymore, but different shades of the same colour and thus the novel does portray reality as it is. All in all, a suspenseful thriller with a convincing plot, interesting characters and far from a simple picture of the world.

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