T.J. Land Hot Air: A Villainous Love Story


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Hot Air: A Villainous Love Story“ von T.J. Land

Bluster is the most incompetent supervillain around. He’s a klutz. He’s forgetful. His schemes never work. He never remembers to plan his escape, which doesn’t matter given that most superheroes don’t even bother sending him to prison anymore. Hardly anyone takes him seriously. That’s why he decided to retire a while ago. It had nothing to do with the fact that his handsome nemesis, Judge Justice, was forced to hand in his superhero license after finally breaking one too many rules. And Bluster’s decision to give up his retirement on the same day Judge Justice gets his license back is purely coincidental.

Judge Justice is the toughest superhero around. He’s edgy. He’s grim. He wears a lot of leather. As far as he’s concerned, supervillains are criminals, nothing more and nothing less. They deserve everything that’s coming to them. Sure, maybe he’s got a reputation for being harsh. So what? His methods work. When you’re dealing with a town full of caped crooks, no amount of force is excessive…except maybe when it comes to Bluster. That guy’s hopeless. It’s not that the Judge has a soft spot for him, but anyone can see that Bluster’s a bigger threat to himself than to the city. Which isn’t to say the Judge isn’t outraged when Bluster comes out of retirement the same day he gets his license back. He’s furious. Not even a tiny bit thrilled, because he’s not one of those imbeciles who actually likes his nemesis. He’s a professional. That’s why, when the Judge learns that Bluster’s in danger, he immediately appoints himself his guardian. After all, it’s a hero’s duty to protect the weak.

Bluster, however, has other ideas…

M/M, standalone

Weird, cringy, funny, oddly realistic super hero & super villain action

— Sakuko
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  • Weird, cringy, funny, oddly realistic

    Hot Air: A Villainous Love Story


    22. December 2017 um 08:41

    Judge Justice is one of Mercy Citys heros, a leather-clad, grumpy divorcee with 5 cats who can control ropes. He'd been on prohibition the last year, after overdoing the violence one day.The day he is back, his old nemesis comes back out of retirement too. Bluster is the most talentless super-villain around, even though he can control wind. But he's not all that clever, he's uncoordinated, his banter and his plans suck and he's lost against pretty much every hero he ever fought. But the Judge respects his tenacity, at least he always get's back up and tries again.Then a super-power leeching villain comes into town. He's been stealing and hoarding weather powers, so he might just be after Bluster next, so Judge Justice is trying to protect Bluster, while Bluster is trying to apprehend the Leech (no one is stealing his nemesis, not on his watch!). That was different. It's certainly not your regular super hero story or romance story, for that matter.It's a bit weird, kinda funny and realistic in a body odor and grayed-out underwear kind of way.It takes all that incidental silver age weirdness and makes it cannon, but it also makes it less glittery-shiny and more grubby-normal, but maybe that's just because Judge Justice is the main character and he's very much one of the dark and brooding superheroes. It's a bit hard to explain. It's cringy funny at times, but also strangely real sometimes.That said, I did have fun reading it. I liked the relationship development. It's a rather slow burn until they even realize for themselves that they are attracted to each other, though it does pick up speed after that. It's pretty cute at times, though the whole thing defies most of the usual romance tropes, quite on purpose, I'm sure, and pretty much does it's own thing.The secondary cast was pretty good and I liked to hate the villain of the piece, such a slime-bag. Great resolution, though.

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