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Cover des Buches Up in Smoke: King 8 (ISBN: B094R8Q268)

Up in Smoke: King 8

Erschienen am 04.06.2021
Cover des Buches King: KING SERIES, BOOK ONE (ISBN: B00YT5QTJS)


Erschienen am 15.06.2015
Cover des Buches Soulless: Lawless, Part 2 (KING Book 4) (ISBN: B018PVXCQY)

Soulless: Lawless, Part 2 (KING Book 4)

Erschienen am 23.02.2016
Cover des Buches Tyrant: KING SERIES, BOOK TWO (ISBN: B00ZGEWUWQ)


Erschienen am 16.08.2015
Cover des Buches King Series Collection: King & Tyrant (ISBN: 9781682306802)

King Series Collection: King & Tyrant

Erschienen am 26.05.2016
Cover des Buches The Dark Light of Day (ISBN: 9781682304709)

The Dark Light of Day

Erschienen am 26.05.2016

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Cover des Buches The Dark Light of Day (ISBN: 9781682304709)Mimabanos avatar

Rezension zu "The Dark Light of Day" von T.M. Frazier

Unglaublich gut👍
Mimabanovor 5 Jahren

Wer hier eine romantische Blümchenstory sucht, ist definiv nicht die gesuchte Zielgruppe.Wobei das Cover schon vermuten lässt,dass es etwas härter zu und her geht.Liebe ist zwar im weitesten Sinne Teil der Story.Aber eben nur im weitesten Sinne... Die Sprache ist sehr obszön,aber niemals billig!Und jaaaa...ich finde da gibt es doch einen Unterschied😏.Die Story ist unglaublich gut und es gibt nicht einen Augenblick lang,langweilige Hänger.Die Ereignisse überschlagen sich und es geht weiter und weiter...Die Protagonisten sind willenstark und versinken nicht in Mitleid weil ihnen Schreckliches widerfahren ist.Das hat mir wirklich sehr gut gefallen!Ich mag auch romantische Liebesgeschichten.Aber zur Abwechslung ist dieses Buch wirklich der Hammer😁.Mir jedenfalls hat es so gut gefallen,dass ich auch noch weitere Bücher der Autorin gekauft und gelesen habe! Für den Inhalt kann man hier noch weiterlesen...KLAPPENTEXT : 📖 The story of Jake and Abby Homeless,sleeping in a junkyard,and on the run from a system that has failed her over and over again,Abby meets Jake,a tattooed blue-eyed biker with secrets that rival her own.Two broken souls that can‘t be ehaled,they can‘t be saved. Abby and Jake have to decide if they can accept the darkness not only within one another,but within themselves. If they can accept each other for who they really are they might learn that love isn‘t always found in the light... WARNING : This is NOT your typical romance.


The End :(

I don´t know how to start. I just know that I want more :P

Those characters became so close to me. Like I was part of their family as well. I´m glad TM Frazier says "Never say never" to writing more books regarding this series, but still- it was a bittersweet ending and although I have still "All the Rage" and "The Dark Light" books left, I know I´ll miss those characters.

I´m not sure why exactly it was, maybe because I had a 2- day pause between reading Preppy 2 and 3, but somehow part 3 wasn´t as good as part 2. There was so much happening but at the same time nothing really happened. Like- something happened and then right on the next page it was done. And then: Next. But in general- all the questions I had after reading Preppy 2 were answered which was kinda funny to me. Felt like TM Frazier read my review to Preppy 2 and was working the answers into the story ;).

This book had me on edge for a while. While reading, it often seemed like Dre was talking in the past. Like she´s talking about them, their story. It also seemed like she´s saying goodbye. So I was constantly like : "No. Can´t be. Preppy can´t die again. Dre can´t die. nobody can die. She (TM Frazier) can´t kill anyone here. No way. Why the hell is this written like a goodbye? I don´t want anyone gone" :D Well. I won´t spoiler here, but let´s just say I´m happy with the ending, even though I shed a few tears ;)

Kevin was a good character. Loved how TM Frazier has written him. It was difficult to figure him and his intentions out as Preppy was pro Kevin while Dre was more contra Kevin. I couldn´t decide whether I wanted him to be the nice guy or the one who was the threat to the family.

I was confused a little bit when it came to who threatened them for several reasons.  SPOILER START Preppy said somewhen at the beginning that it couldn´t be Eric as he´s dead. To me it seemed like Preppy was 100% sure that he was dead. Like he´s seen the dead body. So this was first what confused me. And then later when it came to revealing who was kidnapping Dre, it was kinda weird. The Jesus thing is funny. I don´t believe in God so yeah.. I don´t mind sth like that. But he had a new name. He was talking with Dre. He was close to her. And he just told her that the only thing he´s done is to become clean. But in this case she must have recognized him anyway. At least if he hadn´t had a beauty-op. I´ve seen lot´s of pictures of pre-use, use and after use druggies in the internet. They looked different, sure, but never like another human being. Therefore this was totally confusing me. Also how was he able to enter King´s s/Preppy´s house? I doubt he was invited to the wedding and there surely was security.hmm  SPOILER END

I almost loved everything related to Preppy.

  • The scene with Bo in his hiding spot- loved it
  • The scene on MFI- funny, loved it
  • The scene  SPOILER START on their wedding day. The speech and the thing with the grave for baby Clearwater -loved it SPOILER END
  • The scene with Grace- touching, loved it
  • The scene with King at the end- loved it 
  • The end itself- loved it

This book had a lot of sentences I really am a fan of. I had to mark a few quotes in my Kindle <3

When it came to the big bam- I was disappointed. It was so short. BUT!!!! BO!!! Damn it. I NEVER EXPECTED THIS. This was a huge surprise.  SPOILER START I thought Kevin would follow Preppy, King and Bear and would save Preppy and Dre. I mean- he´s Preppy´s brother. Thought he wouldn´t listen to orders like Preppy- he never listened too. But then... Bo. And he just did it. I just thought: "OMG"... "Whoa" and then "Totally Preppy´s son" :D  SPOILER END

Everything with Bo melted my heart. Really EVERYTHING. so many scenes touched my heart that I was tearing up and lost a tear or two on the way to the next chapter.

When Preppy talked to Dre´s Dad about himself, about his past and who he is- that was perfect in my opinion. just perfect. I really love Preppy <3

The End- it was good but I´m sad that it ended. I kinda wish there would be an epilogue. I want to know more. I want to read about them being old and grey :D There´s just one thing I´m not happy about SPOILER START I loved the way Preppy and King talked. How they hugged and so on. But it felt like they´re saying goodbye to each other as well. I don´t want them to part ways. I want them to be as close as ever. I also wished King would´ve said that this house will always have a room for Preppy and one for Bear. Oh and I wanna know how many kids King and Doe are going to have haha SPOILER END

But all in all- I´m glad everything turned out the way it did.
This book and this series made me grin, laugh, cry, happy, sad, mad ... and much more.

I hope to feel all this again someday.
I hope to read more about all of them one day <3

<3 Preppy & Dre <3 ... <3 King & Doe <3 ... <3 Bear & Thia <3

Cover des Buches Preppy Part Two: The Life and Death of Samuel Clearwater (King Series Book 6) (ISBN: B01M29S2QI)pieggys avatar

Rezension zu "Preppy Part Two: The Life and Death of Samuel Clearwater (King Series Book 6)" von T.M. Frazier

One of the best series within a series :D
pieggyvor 5 Jahren

4,5 Stars

To be honest: I think this is one of the best series within a series :D

I know I mentioned it in all my other reviews to the King series, but I have to say it again: I LOVE PREPPY!

So far Preppy 1 and Preppy 2 are my favorite books of the complete King series. Both books have almost everything I missed and this part had me feeling so much with the characters.

I loved reading about Preppy- how he struggled with life and the aftermath of his torture. How he hurt- mainly emotionally and psychologically. How he loved. How broken and lost he was. And finally- how he found himself. Somehow I can identify myself with him. On the outside I always show another side of me, while on the inside I´m like Preppy- broken. But although he was suffering, he was also the Preppy from the other books. The funny and strong one.

I loved Dre as well. Not as much as Preppy but still. She´s good for him.

This book had me feeling so much- I was hurting when Preppy did, I was sad, I was grinning and laughing, I was mad and so on. This is what a good book is made of. I want to feel and I want to feel connected to the characters. Preppy´s books are delivering it!

Again, lot´s of scenes were predictable but this time it didn´t bother me. I was totally into the story. I didn´t even miss the things I mentioned in my review to Preppy 1. I wanted to read about the bad, sick, dangerous side of Preppy but somehow I was so much into Preppy 2 that I didn´t think about that.

Every single scene with Preppy, Dre and Bo melted my heart. Who would have thought at the beginning of King and then also with the other books that this would happen? SPOILER START Preppy as a Dad- Didn´t think I could love him more but him being with a kid is soooo cute, sooo adorable <3 How he acted with Bo ...just aww. <3 SPOILER END

And then this end- again. Damn it! TM Frazier definitely loves cliffhangers :P
I mean- I knew that sth like that would happen but the question is- who is it? SPOILER START Is it the guy Preppy should have killed at the beginning of Preppy 1? The one who was with Dre and the other guy stealing the plants from Dre´s grandmother. I forgot his name.... Or is it Bo´s Dad? Maybe he didn´t die of the gunshots and wants revenge? Or Bo´s mother? Maybe she didn´t use all the Heroin and didn´t die? ...Oooor is this someone who worked with Chop and was part of Preppy´s torture? Sth. like that was mentioned in the hospital. I have to find out asap :D SPOILER END

There isn´t much I can complain about. I really loved this book. I just think the way how Preppy became his old self was a bit too quick. Like he got his gun and everything else is forgotten. Maybe it could have been a bit different but it´s ok. Also when King wanted to tattoo Preppy´s scars- didn´t really work for me in the moment when it was mentioned SPOILER START At this time, Preppy flinched whenever someone touched him, but then King wanted to tattoo him? I think it was a bit too soon SPOILER END But then the time changed, forward to 5 month later. Everything could have happened in those months. So yeah. Guess I have to imagine a bit myself ;)

About the other characters- I loved them all here. Especially King and Bear. Loved how much they care(d) about Preppy. One scene with Bear made me tear up a bit. It was so sweet and beautiful and sad at the same time. <3

I so can´t wait to read Preppy 3, although I dont want it to end. But I´m curious. I wanna know what´s going to happen to Preppy & Co. <3

Btw. : What happened to Dre´s grandmothers Pig? :D


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