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Inhaltsangabe zu „Lawless (King Series Book 3)“ von T.M. Frazier

Ruined. BROKEN. LOST. Thia’s lost it all. With no options left she turns to the biker she met as a kid to cash in the favor he swore to return all those years ago. Bear’s best friend is dead. His old man wants to put him to ground. He has bigger things on his mind than the pink-haired girl from the gas station he never thought he’d see again. Until her battered body is tossed onto his doorstep. Keeping his promise to Thia means Bear has to be willing to risk everything, including his life...and what’s left of his heart. Thia’s bruised and battered. Bear’s leather and lawless. It will never work between them. It’s a lie they ALMOST believe LAWLESS is book THREE in the King Series and meant to be read after KING & TYRANT.
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    Lawless (King Series Book 3)


    06. July 2017 um 20:51

    2,5 StarsHmmm....To be honest. I thought this series would blow me away. But now I read book No. 3 and I´m a bit disappointed. :/The book started good. Thia was so funny when she was 10 years old. The way they met and how Thia and Bear interacted with each other was great. I loved how he gave her this ring and the promise. I was starting to like Bear in Tyrant and hoped to fall in love with him in Lawless. Unfortunately it didn´t happen. I still like him but sometimes I just thought: "Asshole". Thia sometimes seemed like a teenager (what she kinda is) and then again like a strong, stubborn woman doing what she wants. But after everything happened and after she met Bear again- she wasn´t the funny Thia I was hoping to read about. Maybe it was because of it, but it kinda felt like she wasn´t the person she was supposed to be.Somehow this book bored me at times. I kinda felt like I´m reading King and Does story all over again just with different names, scenes and a different backgroundstory. Bear and Thea- how they talked, what they said and did- lots of scenes remined me on King and Doe and it´s kinda sad. Like Bear and Thea doesn´t have their own personality. :(Preppy had a tiny part here too. As he´s my fave character of this series I wish, he would have "talked" to Bear more often. Preppy was barely mentioned which led to me missing him. He probably would have brought more fun to this book.Sometimes I had to stop reading, because TM Frazier seemed to have forgotten what she wrote? I don´t know. There were things that confused me a bit.SPOILER START: For example: Thia was tortured and raped by Bear´s Dad at the beginning. She was touched by Bear in her private parts somewhen later. But then at a much later point, Bear asks her if she was ever touched there and she "says" no? Huh? His father raped her with his fingers (vagina) and put his dick in her ass, but she says she was never touched in her private parts? And it´s not the only time I thought: " Huh? What? Wait, that can´t be right SPOILER ENDIt kinda stopped the reading flow :/The book got better and more interesting till the end, though. I will continue this series as planned and hope Soulless will be better than Lawless. At least this book was seen by an Editor ;) While King and Tyrant had lots and lots of spelling/grammar mistakes, this one had (almost) none.This book ends in a cliffhanger. I´m not bothered by it as I already have the next book ;) But some might, so if you dont like cliffys and can´t dive into Soulless right away- you might want to wait till you have book No. 4.

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