T.M. Frazier Soulless: Lawless, Part 2 (KING Book 4)


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Sacrifice. LOYALTY. FAMILY. Bear wants to bend the metal bars of his jail cell with his bare hands and escape. Not because of the men on the inside who want him dead, but because Thia is out there where he can’t protect her. Thia isn’t the type of girl to wait around to be rescued, especially when she has some rescuing to do of her very own. Bear and Thia are in for a fight, not only for their lives, but for their love. SOULLESS is book FOUR in the KING SERIES and the finale to LAWLESS.
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  • The End = Wow

    Soulless: Lawless, Part 2 (KING Book 4)


    10. July 2017 um 14:25

    2,5 Stars OMG- The End (before the Epilogue) . Damn it. Whoa.  The End was the best part of the book in my opinion :D I really hope it is who I believe it is. That would be awesome. SPOILER START: I pretty much think it is Preppy as the following books are about him. I really, really hope it´s him :D SPOILER END The book itself was ok. I had the same problems I mentioned in my reviews for the other books as well. Bear and Thia were fine, although Thia was often very dumb and annoying. Asking questions she already got the answer to or could answer easily herself. I know she´s young but really... dumb ppl annoy the heck out of me. I still couldn´t connect to both of them. The book started good. I thought I might be able to love Bears and Thias story, but as with the other books- it starts strong and gets weaker with the time. The last 5% of the book were the best, though. There was a little action, it was more interesting and then the End! Bam. Awesome :D Unfortunately there were no surprises for me (except for the end). Everything was predictable. I was bored and rolling my eyes quite often. Bear and Thia def. aren´t my fave couple.  When Rage was introduced, I fell in love with her.  At first she reminded me of Preppy and the way she was talking- building sentences where she neither denies nor confirms sth. That was sth I wish she would have continued. Somehow all characters of this series start so strong, funny, likeable but then they blend to one and are all the same- weak and boring. That is so sad. I really wish TM Frazier would concentrate more on every character and would continue writing them the way she introduced them to the readers. There was one scene that didn´t made sense. It was so illogical. Everything that happened afterwards was so unbelievable. I wish TM Frazier would have done some reasearch beforehand.  SPOILER START: There was this scene were Rage put two knives in both hands of Carson/ Trentch (or whatever his name was) . He was stuck to the table due to the knives. Soo.... How was he able to free himself? With his teeth? They would have broken of. And you know-hands have bones. A knive that wents through would def. harm those bones as they are close to one another. And he was bleeding. There are blood vessels and he was bleeding for quite some time. So, tell me.. How was he able to free himself and put his hand around Thias neck and squeeze it? How is that possible if he couldn´t have been able to move his hands (due to broken bones and blood loss). That didn´t make sense. And then she has sex like nothing happened. I have Asthma. I know how it is when it´s hard to breathe. She just had her throat squeezed to unconciousness and acts like nothing happened afterwards.  Breathing, moaning, groaning- whatever is was- she had no problems. So weird. And then the next day she´s in the hospital because of Grace and SINGS!!! Yeah, Right. *Eyes rolling* . Sooo unbelievable. And they somehow never see a doc.SPOILER END I know it sounds weird, but I kinda liked the scene where they had Sex while Carson/Trentch (whatever his name was)  was next to them. It´s different, it´s sick. But that is what makes it good in my eyes. It´s fiction of course (well to me it is, although there might be some perverts out there who do this in real life). I want to read about things I haven´t read about in other books and sometimes TM Frazier writes exactly  those scenes. I want extreme. I want bad, I want dark, I want different. Although I know where the inspiration for Pancakes came (Yes, I saw those "News"), I fell in love with him and the name for obvious reasons ;)  I missed real conversations. All the time when they were fighting or whatever they went straight to having Sex instead of talking it out and discussing it. It´s like Sex was the solution to everything. Didn´t like it. Maybe it´s one of the reasons why I couldn´t connect to them. One scene at the end still keeps me wondering SPOILER START: Bear and his dad were handcuffed to one another. Whe his dad said to his mom that he would shoot Bear for her... Was he serious? Or was he just saying that to get the weapon? Maybe he planned on shooting her instead of Bear? Well. Thia shot him before I could find out so I´´m left wondering. SPOILER END . As it´s a closed case, I suppose I won´t get the answer to it. I felt the scenes with Graces were just squeezed in. It was clear what would happen. I wasn´t sad. So yeah. I´m happy how everything turned out for Bear and the MC at the end. Because of the end, I´m now extra excited for the next books of this series. I hope I won´t be disappointed <3

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