T.R. Ragan A Dark Mind


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Mein erster Grisham - und mir hat er sehr gefallen!



Eine Todesliste, die einen ganz tragischen Hintergrund hat - unheimlich spannend, erschreckend und nervenzerreisend geschrieben



Wie alle Bücher der Reihe ein absolutes Muss für alle Thrillerfans.


Ermordung des Glücks

Der Autor überzeugt mit guter Beobachtungsgabe und Einfühlungsvermögen.


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    A Dark Mind


    30. June 2013 um 03:14

    They call him the Lovebird Killer, because he murders always loving couples. With unbelievable cruelty he tortures and kills the women, letting the men watch till he kills them, too. Since the killer changes his modus operandi every time, he did not get caught yet. PI Lizzy Gardner is working on some routine cases, as suddenly a connection to the Lovebird Killer pops up. Lizzy and her two young assistants, Jessica and Hayley, start a chase for the killer, which brings not only them, but also Lizzy´s partner, the FBI-agent Jared, in severe danger. Although I did not read the prequels to this third Lizzy Gardner novel, I did not have any problems to get into the story. There are some hints about what happened in the first two volumes, without telling too much. I do not read hard core serial killer novels very often, but this one was worth the time. It did not rely on horror alone, but got deep into the characters, including the serial killers mind. The protagonist Lizzy obviously went through hard times, but does not allow that experience to get too much hold of her, although it affects her relationship. Lizzy is strong and cares for people like her two assistants, Jessica and Hayley. Jessica is a little bit naïve, but in the course of this case, she learns more about life. Hayley is an interesting character. She spent time in youth correction because she cut the penis of her mother´s abusive boyfriend off. Highly intelligent, she nevertheless risks jail again while trying to help her mother. She still has to learn to live a normal life. Each chapter of this breathtaking novel starts with a quote by a genuine serial killer, which is really scary. This fast paced book is gripping from the first page on and impossible to put down.