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    More Than Enough


    30. October 2016 um 10:45 Rezension zu "More Than Enough" von T.T. Kove

    ...another brilliant story. More than enough is about love, kind of. It is also about being a bit different and shows an alternate way to things. Very progressive thinking so far. The writing style is constant, if not always that understandable, but the fifth star is totally in there for the story.

  • Catching Series

    More Than Words (Something More Book 1)


    18. October 2016 um 16:17 Rezension zu "More Than Words (Something More Book 1)" von T.T. Kove

    For Alex, battling depression and self-harming are parts of his daily routine. No one noticed him before, so it´s very likely, no one ever will, right? He might as well end it all. At least, that´s what he thinks before meeting Andreas. Andreas, who helps him pick up his books and his life as well as start living again. Fleeing his abusive home is only the next logical step in that line. Alex never thought he had it in him: The ability to be that happy. T.T. Kove stays true to her norwegian home, where all her books take place. ...

  • Catchting series

    More Than Friends (Something More Book 6)


    18. October 2016 um 16:08 Rezension zu "More Than Friends (Something More Book 6)" von T.T. Kove

    Storyline (amazon): The heart wants what it can't have... or does it?Ben’s always been in love with his best friend Nik but has been shagging Nik’s brother, Tarjei, in secret. Except everyone seems to know that secret but Nik, and it’s not something Ben is willing to tell him. He wants Nik—not Tarjei. So why can’t he stop ending up in Tarjei’s bed? Tarjei’s tired of being his brother’s substitute, but he’s loved Ben for years, and it’s hard to say no. In fact, it’s damn near impossible to say no. But Ben’s not ever going to go ...

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