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We are not alone
Makariavor 4 Tagen

For centuries upon centuries, humans have wondered: Is there life in the universe? Is it friendly? Will it invade us if it should happen upon Earth? How would we react?

Books with the subject have become quite popular.


TJ Klune draws us in. There is Nate, who has lost his parents. The same parents who did not want to see nor hear from him ever again after finding him with his boyfriend. The same father who disapproved so much he told him never to come back has now shot his mother, then himself.

Nate also lost his job as a journalist in Washington D.C., and after being left exactly two things by his parents – a remote cabin by a lake and a truck – he decides to take a break. Go back to where he was happy in his youth and find himself.

Trough the pages, one can feel Nate`s loneliness, how undecided he is and just how much he knows nothing now. What to do with life or himself any longer.

But there is more. Up on the mountain, in the cabin, someone waits for him. Well, two someones. A grim man with a gun whose posture screams “Military” and a little girl. Something about the two of them is off, but Nate lets them stay in his cabin with him. He even likes them after a while.

He loses his stance again as the world shifts beneath his feet and secrets are revealed.


This book is about humanity, about space and the unknown. It also features emotions and the depths of human society. I recommend strongly everyone read it.


Rezension zu "Tell Me It's Real by Klune, TJ (2013)" von TJ Klune

Very funny and really cute
Sakukovor einem Jahr

Paul is a slightly overweight guy with low self-esteem. As he's watching the show of his best friend, the drag queen Helena, he's hit on by the very hot Vince.
That can only be a fluke or a dare, because attractive, ripped jocks don't hit on Paul on general principle.
But then it turns out Vince is also his new coworker, and not at all discouraged by Paul's bluster. When an accident leads Paul to having to take care of an injured Vince he's forced to consider that Vince might actually, really like him, weirdness and all.

This is a rather weird and over-the-top book, but I get the feeling all of Klune's books are like that. Which is good, because I really enjoy his rom-com style.

Paul and Vince are both real dears and they complement each other so well.
Paul is a loving guy, but terribly awkward in social situations since he either just blathers out everything in his head or gets really tongue-tied. He's also rather sarcastic and a bit bitchy and considers himself absolutely not attractive.
Vince is a very honest. confident and slightly stubborn guy. He doesn't seem to even get the concept of deceit. He's also really good-looking, but not the brightest bulb in the bunch. He's not really dumb, as he's described, but he doesn't seem to have the greatest general knowledge and doesn't quite get some concepts.
They are really cute together, since they each prop the other up when needed.

The book is really laughing out loud funny most of the time. Paul provides a very non-PC commentary about everything around him, either out loud or in his head, which is just hilarious. There's also a bunch of abstruse or slap-sticky situations and a secondary cast of well-developed but colorful characters (like Paul's grandmother's parrot Jonny Depp, who keeps insulting Paul with gay slurs, or Paul's parents, who seem to think Vince is making Paul a pony-boy).
But the story is not just humor all the time (just most). Paul's low self-esteem makes him prone to over-analyzing and second-guessing. He can get a bit angsty at times and makes up weird scenarios about how everything might go down the drain, but since Paul is basically incapable of staying serious for long it never gets to be a sad or unhappy book and the humor balances it out well.
It's also really romantic. Paul and Vince are just too adorable together and they always make each other feel better about themselves. There's not a lot of sex in the book, but there is plenty chemistry.


Rezension zu "The Lightning-Struck Heart" von TJ Klune

Best book ever
Sakukovor einem Jahr

Sam of Wilds is the King's Wizard's apprentice, a motor-mouthed, scatterbrained, awkward but utterly lovable young guy. He's got his name because he rescued a hornless, sassy, gay unicorn called Gary and a half-giant named Tiggy, who are now his best friends.
He's in love with the immaculate and dashing knight Ryan Foxheart, who is convinced doesn't even know he exists (because he runs away whenever Ryan is anywhere near him).
But Ryan is betrothed to the Prince, Justin, who's a bit of a dick, tbh, but even he doesn't deserve to be captured by a sexually aggressive dragon.
So then Sam is send on a quest with Ryan to get Justin back, and the epicness begins.

This is the best book I've read. Seriously. It is laughing out loud funny most of the time. The banter, the sass, the sarcasm. Lot's of sex jokes, innuendo, non-innuendo. The entirely weird and strange situations Sam always manages to get himself into. The super-cute awkwardness.
The pinning! Lot's and lot's of pining. Also, oblivious Sam is oblivious.

But it's not just funny. There characters are very well developed, and even though they tend to be very cartoony and over the top, they also feel realistic and relatable most of the time.

The book really plays with genre expectations, as in, it throws them out. There are very few actually evil people in there. Besides the Dark wizards, who all want him dead, most people really like Sam a lot. There are his parents, who obviously have his back,  the king is a really awesome guy, as is Sam's master Morgan. Even dickward Justin has his reasons and isn't really a bad guy. The book just keeps you on your toes. You won't know what will happen (because quite frankly, Sam doesn't even know what Sam will do until he does).

The book also manages to stay quite emotional, despite it's all out funniness. It really made me cry a few times too. There are all the feelings, all of the justified and read and great, but never silly. Well, maybe sometimes. But it's a good kind of silly.


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