TJ Klune Tell Me It's Real by Klune, TJ (2013)


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Tell Me It's Real by Klune, TJ (2013)“ von TJ Klune

Very funny, non-PC romantic comedy. Rather over-the-top but plenty adorableness and enough depth to feel fulfilling.

— Sakuko

Ich habe so gelacht und mitgefiebert und war sehr froh das es ein Happy End gibt.

— Odena
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  • Very funny and really cute

    Tell Me It's Real by Klune, TJ (2013)


    12. January 2018 um 11:47

    Paul is a slightly overweight guy with low self-esteem. As he's watching the show of his best friend, the drag queen Helena, he's hit on by the very hot Vince. That can only be a fluke or a dare, because attractive, ripped jocks don't hit on Paul on general principle.But then it turns out Vince is also his new coworker, and not at all discouraged by Paul's bluster. When an accident leads Paul to having to take care of an injured Vince he's forced to consider that Vince might actually, really like him, weirdness and all.This is a rather weird and over-the-top book, but I get the feeling all of Klune's books are like that. Which is good, because I really enjoy his rom-com style. Paul and Vince are both real dears and they complement each other so well.Paul is a loving guy, but terribly awkward in social situations since he either just blathers out everything in his head or gets really tongue-tied. He's also rather sarcastic and a bit bitchy and considers himself absolutely not attractive.Vince is a very honest. confident and slightly stubborn guy. He doesn't seem to even get the concept of deceit. He's also really good-looking, but not the brightest bulb in the bunch. He's not really dumb, as he's described, but he doesn't seem to have the greatest general knowledge and doesn't quite get some concepts.They are really cute together, since they each prop the other up when needed.The book is really laughing out loud funny most of the time. Paul provides a very non-PC commentary about everything around him, either out loud or in his head, which is just hilarious. There's also a bunch of abstruse or slap-sticky situations and a secondary cast of well-developed but colorful characters (like Paul's grandmother's parrot Jonny Depp, who keeps insulting Paul with gay slurs, or Paul's parents, who seem to think Vince is making Paul a pony-boy).But the story is not just humor all the time (just most). Paul's low self-esteem makes him prone to over-analyzing and second-guessing. He can get a bit angsty at times and makes up weird scenarios about how everything might go down the drain, but since Paul is basically incapable of staying serious for long it never gets to be a sad or unhappy book and the humor balances it out well.It's also really romantic. Paul and Vince are just too adorable together and they always make each other feel better about themselves. There's not a lot of sex in the book, but there is plenty chemistry.

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