Lazarus Five Comic 2000 Issue #1 Jul

Lazarus Five Comic 2000 Issue #1 Jul
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A thrilling 5-issue miniseries begins! When beings from another dimension threaten the Earth, only five ressurrected humans ? called Inquisitors ? stand between humanity and extinction. For more information, see the feature article. FC, 32 PG.


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    Archervor 2 Jahren
    The end is near

    This is the summary of all the five booklets, they are too thin to review alone.

    Otherwordly beings threaten the Earth, demons, undead and things with tentacles. This is the moment for five people called Lazarus 5 or simply the Inquisition. Why Lazarus? Well, every man of this little guard was resurrected.
    There is Mordecai Yoculan, called Morty. (Little Insider, he was once a coroner.)
    Hank the guy with only one arm, who is struggling all of his life with his parentage (can't tell more without spoiler).
    Digit, of the height of a pygmy and with a tail, bullied because of his appearance.
    Holly, in the past a baptism priest who had to kill his family and friends in a church - they had changed into undeads.
    And Jeb the fearless leader. Got the power to resurrection from God via Michael the archangel.

    All of the men get their own booklet with the history and how they became what they are now. Somewhat I expected more of all the dangers they fight against and less focus to the people self. Sometimes I was confused because the storyline jumps between the past of the Lazarus guys, the recent fights and how it came to the rise up of the otherwordly beings. So it's not at all bad but I read better comics though the drawings are nice and neat.


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