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Fritti Tailchaser is a hunter for his clan. His speciality is birds. Now Tailchaser has been drawn into a dangerous mission to discover Hushpad's fate. An extraordinary journey will take him to the court of the Queen of Cat, through terrifying northern wilds and deep into the underground realm of the ancient and hideous cat-god Grizraz Hearteater. (Quelle:'Flexibler Einband/01.01.2004')
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  • Rezension zu "Tailchaser's Song" von Tad Williams

    Tailchaser's Song


    07. February 2012 um 17:52

    The best way to describe this book is: "Lord of the Rings" starring Cats. Replace the Hobbits and the other main characters by felines, and there you go. And that´s the good as much as the bad side of it. The good side is, it´s a cute idea, a brave young cat setting out an a dangerous mission to save his friend and the world. The author even invented the basics of a cat-language. And, he REALLY does know about cats. The bad side is, this book has about the same deficits als Tolkien´s - it is too long, there are too many different names, sometimes it´s really hard to know who is who and why. (Okay, the list of characters at the end of the book probably helps, but only if you discover it before having finished reading.) And I have found myself thinking more than once: "Okay, enough turns of events and new characters, get on with the real story, when will we see the final showdown?!?!" So, if you´re a cat-maniac or a Tolkien lover (not fundamentalist), this is the right book for you. If you don´t like cats or the classic Good vs. Evil fantasy, it´s not. Excerpt: "It was sung among the Folk that all cats had three names: the heart name, the face name, and the tail name. The heart name was given by the mother at the kitten´s birth. It was a name of the ancient tongue of the cats, the Higher Singing. It was only to be shared with siblings, heart-friends and those who joind in the Ritual. Fritti was such a name. The face name was given by the Elders at the young one´s first Meeting, a nmae in the mutual language of all warmblooded creatures, the Common Singing. It could be used anywhere a a name was useful. As for the tail name, most of the Folk maintained that all cats were born with one; it was merely a matter of discovering it. Discovery was a very personal thing - once effected it was never discussed or shared with anyone."

  • Rezension zu "Tailchaser's Song : 15th Anniversary Edition" von Tad Williams

    Tailchaser's Song


    24. March 2009 um 11:42

    Was eine positive Überraschung. Tad Williams hat ein Buch ohne quälende Längen geschrieben! Aber im Ernst: Jeder, der Katzen zugetan ist und/oder schonmal was abenteuer-/fantasymäßiges mit Freude gelesen hat, wird dieses Buch wahrscheinlich lieben. Wir folgen dem Helden Tailchaser, einem jungen Kater, auf seiner Suche nach seiner Angebeteten. Und dabei erfahren wir, wie sich Katzen die Entstehung der Welt vorstellen, warum Katzen und Hunde sich nicht mögen und warum die Menschen den Katzen dienen... keine "große Literatur", aber liebevoll geschrieben, spannend und voller sympathischer Ideen.

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