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The Only Gold

The Only Gold

Erschienen am 01.04.2012
Downtime by Tamara Allen (2010-02-01)

Downtime by Tamara Allen (2010-02-01)

Erschienen am 01.01.1555

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Realistic, historical slow burn romance
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Jonah Woolner has been working at his bank for 14 years, and after the cashier died a year ago, he's waiting to be nominated cashier himself. It seems a done deal, but then the owners bring in a new guy, Reid Hylliard. Jonahs feathers are ruffled and the two clash immediatly, even though the carismatic Reid makes friends with everyone else in very short order. But despite all the squabling and insubordination, Reid tries very hard to win Jonah over, instead of simply dismissig him.

This is a very slow book, the romance only really starts at the 30% mark, before that it is a lot of talk about old-fashioned banking and workplace strife, which is pretty interesting in itself, but probably not for everybody.
But even after that it is a slow burn, with lengthy parts of the book where nothing much seemed to be happening. Since I did enjoy the main characters, relationship building, supporting cast and historical background, I did not mind that, though. It was very captivation regardlessly.

The romance just felt very much realistic for the time and very real in general, and I liked that for a change. The whole background also seemed very well researched and realistic. Everything from clothing, to banking practices, to the weather conditions seemed to be correct and fitting.

The last third has a pretty big turnaround and twist, suddenly being much more action and suspension filled. I actually thought that was the more tedious part, though. I usually do like some action, but I thought the descriptions where sometimes a bit lacking and I misunderstood some scenes there, leaving me a bit confused and befuddled. I also felt that the whole ordeal kept dragging on past the point where I'd completely enjoyed it.

Still, it's a pretty solid 4.5 stars from me


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