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    Macht und Begierde


    20. June 2018 um 17:56 Rezension zu "Macht und Begierde" von Tara Sue Me

    Der Schriebstil ist sehr gut. Die Geschichte auch nur es war nicht so mein Fall. Ich fand es trotzdem ok. Für manche ist es vielleicht  was, probiert es einfach mal aus.😉  Dadurch das es zu viel um das Thema S**  ging und ich es nicht sehr gut lesen konnte. Das ist zwar nicht so schlimm, nur es ist nicht so mein Geschmack. Es war mir  einfach ein bisschen zu viel.Trotzdem war es eine gute Idee.  Ich konnte mich mit den Protagoniesten  nicht so anfreunden. 

  • Submissive #9.

    The Exposure: Submissive 8 (The Submissive Series)


    13. December 2017 um 23:39 Rezension zu "The Exposure: Submissive 8 (The Submissive Series)" von Tara Sue Me

    She's ready for her close-up... The Exposure by Tara Sue Me is the ninth installment of The Submissive Series. This is Meagan and Luke’s story. It can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Some of the previous story line characters play secondary and supporting roles including our original series couple Abby and Nathaniel West. Tara Sue Me delicately exposes the underlying deep emotional and physical connection that reunites two former lovers. While this book is high in the erotic undertones, Tara Sue Me does something ...

  • Submissive #8.5.

    The Claiming: A Submissive Novella 7.5 (The Submissive Series)


    05. June 2017 um 16:23 Rezension zu "The Claiming: A Submissive Novella 7.5 (The Submissive Series)" von Tara Sue Me

    "She could stay in his arms forever, there was nowhere else she'd rather be." In The Claiming readers are thrown into a whirlwind where sexual fantasies, kink, and romance are in full effect as Cole and Sasha claim and proclaim their love and devotion to one another. Cole and Sasha have been together for a little while now but sometimes insecurities pop up and Cole's decided he needs to show Sasha once and for all how very much she means to him. And he goes about it in an elaborate way; a house party at his childhood home in the ...

  • Submissive #8.

    The Master: Submissive 7 (The Submissive Series)


    10. April 2017 um 17:09 Rezension zu "The Master: Submissive 7 (The Submissive Series)" von Tara Sue Me

    "You've just changed the rules.I certainly hope you're prepared to handle the ramifications." The Master is the 8th book in the Submissive series and I really enjoyed this one. Even though The Master can be read as standalone, all the books in Submissive Series have a continuity. Sasha and Cole met back in Seduced by Fire right after Sasha had an awful experience with her ex-dom Peter. Sasha is a submissive that has been traumatized after taking a part in a scene that went wrong. She still carries the scars a careless Dom gave ...

  • Second Chance Romance.

    The Collar: Submissive 5 (The Submissive Series)


    12. February 2017 um 01:26 Rezension zu "The Collar: Submissive 5 (The Submissive Series)" von Tara Sue Me

    "Letting you go ripped a hole in my heart so big it aches every time I breathe." The Collar by Tara Sue Me is the sixth book of the Submissive Series. Jeff and Dena had been a couple in the past, Dena had even worn Jeff's collar so things had been pretty serious between the pair. However something had happened that resulted in the breakdown of their relationship. In this story, Dena and Jeff were reunited following a few years apart. Their feelings for each other were reignited and the couple gained a second chance at love. The ...

  • Limits were made to be pushed.

    The Enticement: Submissive 4 (The Submissive Series)


    23. January 2017 um 00:28 Rezension zu "The Enticement: Submissive 4 (The Submissive Series)" von Tara Sue Me

    “Damn you for what you do to me. You are everything to me and part of me dies when I think you don’t trust me. I’d never do anything to hurt you.” The Enticement is book 5 in The Submissive series by Tara Sue Me. It takes place 7 years into the future from the last book. Abby and Nathaniel have two kids and the picture perfect life. Yet Abby feels stressed to the max while juggling motherhood, marriage, the BDSM aspects of their relationship, her successful blog and a new found job offer with a major TV network. I love Abby and ...

  • Submissive #4

    Seduced By Fire: A Partners In Play Novel


    12. January 2017 um 01:32 Rezension zu "Seduced By Fire: A Partners In Play Novel" von Tara Sue Me

    “For me, there’s something liberating in knowing you can drop all your worries, cares, and inhibitions and just feel for a while. Trust someone else to take care of everything. To take care of you.” Julie is a florist – a modest job for a modest woman. She’s in business with her best friend, who also happens to be a submissive. And one day she meets Daniel, who is in her flower shop making a purchase with his grandmother. She feels an instant connection to him, an attraction she can’t deny. And that attraction is mutual. Neither ...

  • A glimpse back into Nathaniel and Abby’s life.

    The Chalet (The Submissive Series)


    21. December 2016 um 22:36 Rezension zu "The Chalet (The Submissive Series)" von Tara Sue Me

    "My soul is complete with you." "And mine has finally found a home." The Chalet is a quick and hot read full of submission and love! Abby and Nathaniel are finally getting married. The book focuses on Abby and Nathanial's wedding and honeymoon and the preparations that lead up to them. I loved diving back into Nathaniel and Abby's world and seeing what was next for them. I liked the insight into their relationship and the way he encouraged her to be come more aware of who she is and what makes her tick. Tara Sue Me has delivered ...

  • A fabulous book.

    The Training: Submissive 3 (The Submissive Series)


    08. December 2016 um 22:03 Rezension zu "The Training: Submissive 3 (The Submissive Series)" von Tara Sue Me

    "I want you in the morning when your hair's a mess and you're grumpy until you've had your coffee. I want you in the evening so you can tell me about your day while we make dinner together. And I want you at night because I love nothing more than to fall asleep knowing you're closer than my next breath." The Training is the third and final book in Tara Sue Me's trilogy starting with The Submissive and continuing with The Dominant. This is the continuation of the story between Nathanial West, and experienced Dom and Abby King, a ...

  • Book #2 of The Submissive Series.

    The Dominant: Submissive 2 (The Submissive Series)


    23. November 2016 um 01:14 Rezension zu "The Dominant: Submissive 2 (The Submissive Series)" von Tara Sue Me

    "...I could be much more than the world thought. We could be much more than the world thought." The Dominant is the story of Nathaniel West and Abigail King completely in his point of view. It runs along the same timeline as The Submissive but it's almost like a whole different story because we get all the details as to who he is, why he chooses to do the things he does, and how he suffers in silence. Nathaniel West, successful CEO and Dominant, does not lose control. He has a plan for everyone and everything and that's where ...

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