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Ich bin dein

Ich bin dein

Erschienen am 14.02.2014
Du bist mein

Du bist mein

Erschienen am 15.08.2014
Leid und Leidenschaft

Leid und Leidenschaft

Erschienen am 13.04.2015
Spiel mit dem Feuer

Spiel mit dem Feuer

Erschienen am 05.12.2015
Das Chalet (The Submissive Series)

Das Chalet (The Submissive Series)

Erschienen am 01.11.2015
Macht und Begierde

Macht und Begierde

Erschienen am 11.04.2016

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Rezension zu "Macht und Begierde" von Tara Sue Me

laurasworldofbooksvor 7 Monaten

Der Schriebstil ist sehr gut. Die Geschichte
auch nur es war nicht so mein Fall. Ich fand
es trotzdem ok. Für manche ist es vielleicht 
was, probiert es einfach mal aus.😉 
Dadurch das es zu viel um das Thema S** 
ging und ich es nicht sehr gut lesen konnte.
Das ist zwar nicht so schlimm, nur es ist
nicht so mein Geschmack. Es war mir 
einfach ein bisschen zu viel.Trotzdem war
es eine gute Idee. 
Ich konnte mich mit den Protagoniesten 
nicht so anfreunden. 


Rezension zu "The Exposure: Submissive 8 (The Submissive Series)" von Tara Sue Me

Submissive #9.
Lonechastesoulvor einem Jahr

She's ready for her close-up...

The Exposure by Tara Sue Me is the ninth installment of The Submissive Series. This is Meagan and Luke’s story. It can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Some of the previous story line characters play secondary and supporting roles including our original series couple Abby and Nathaniel West. Tara Sue Me delicately exposes the underlying deep emotional and physical connection that reunites two former lovers. While this book is high in the erotic undertones, Tara Sue Me does something that she hasn’t done before in the previous books of this series as she interlaces a bit of suspense into the mix.

Meagan and Luke were once lovers. It was short lived. Years later Megan and Luke are talking to each other again. Luke is a photographer and is working on an artsy BDSM book. Meagan was his model previously and he wants to use her again.
Meagan is a little jaded and she doesn’t want to work with Luke, but when someone threatens her and puts her in a sticky situation. Someone called the Taskmaster is making Meagan do things she doesn’t want to do.

The Exposure is a story of second chances; a rebuilding of a relationship destroyed fifteen years earlier that is once again threatened by sins of the past. The premise is imaginative; the characters are moving and sensual; the romance is passionate and intense. If you are a fan of the BDSM genre, the content is mild and limited to some bondage, submission and mild discipline. There are no hard –core lifestyle situations.

While not one of my favorites in the series, it was still very enjoyable.  This can certainly be read as a standalone, but I'm pretty sure you'll have the urge to read the rest of the series when you finish so you can learn more about all of these great, engaging characters.

I definitely liked the book. Just probably not one of the better ones in this series.


Rezension zu "The Claiming: A Submissive Novella 7.5 (The Submissive Series)" von Tara Sue Me

Submissive #8.5.
Lonechastesoulvor 2 Jahren

"She could stay in his arms forever, there was nowhere else she'd rather be."

In The Claiming readers are thrown into a whirlwind where sexual fantasies, kink, and romance are in full effect as Cole and Sasha claim and proclaim their love and devotion to one another.

Cole and Sasha have been together for a little while now but sometimes insecurities pop up and Cole's decided he needs to show Sasha once and for all how very much she means to him. And he goes about it in an elaborate way; a house party at his childhood home in the UK complete with one amazing surprise and a number of their closest friends.

This story may be a quick read but it is full of emotion, hot steamy scenes and the warmth of family and friendship.


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