Tara Sue Me The Enticement: Submissive 4 (The Submissive Series)


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I give The Enticement by Tara Sue Me 4 stars.

— Lonechastesoul
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  • Limits were made to be pushed.

    The Enticement: Submissive 4 (The Submissive Series)


    23. January 2017 um 00:28

    “Damn you for what you do to me. You are everything to me and part of me dies when I think you don’t trust me. I’d never do anything to hurt you.” The Enticement is book 5 in The Submissive series by Tara Sue Me. It takes place 7 years into the future from the last book. Abby and Nathaniel have two kids and the picture perfect life. Yet Abby feels stressed to the max while juggling motherhood, marriage, the BDSM aspects of their relationship, her successful blog and a new found job offer with a major TV network. I love Abby and Nathaniel together. Their dynamic and their chemistry is off the charts. They work well together and have built this great life. I really liked seeing into their happily ever after. But just like anything in life, the happily ever after isn’t easy and it doesn’t happen without work. Abby and Nathaniel have to work for their relationship and balance marriage with their D/s relationship. I liked seeing the dynamics and how those dynamics were stretched to the breaking point. Well, this book has left me feeling completely confused! I began the story excited and happy to be reunited with Abby and Nathaniel but as I reached the final page, I was left feeling exactly the opposite. I am not saying that I didn't enjoy the story because I did. It was another brilliant installment to the series and I hardly put the book down once I began reading, however I just didn't enjoy how the story ended and how things were left between Abby and Nathaniel. I like erotica to be an equal bilateral satisfaction scenario. The steam factor in this book was great, but the anguish/pain/punishment angle reduced, for me, the enjoyment of the story. So, I give The Enticement by Tara Sue Me 4 stars.

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