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Cover des Buches I Want That Love (Tyrannosaurus Series) (ISBN: 9781940842141)

I Want That Love (Tyrannosaurus Series)

Erschienen am 01.12.2016

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Cover des Buches I Want That Love (Tyrannosaurus Series) (ISBN: 9781940842141)

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The strongest power is...
misspidervor 7 Jahren

I read this book together with my son, who actually has outgrown picture books, but of course was attracted by the dinosaur theme. We both enjoyed the story very much, and after finishing the book he demanded that I read it again. He even asked several questions and started a little discussion about the motives and also the feelings of the dinosaurs, which shows that the story really caught his interest.

The chomping and scratching and talk about eating the baby dinosaurs may be considered too aggressive by some readers, but it was described and illustrated in the mildest manner possible. I'd say only very sensible or very young children who are not yet aware that some animals eat other animals may have a problem with that.

The illustrations were very colorful and the style original and different from the usual picture books, which made a nice change. The morale of the story was not given literally, but nicely wrapped in a more subtle way, still obvious enough for a kid to easily figure it out. A story that will not only appeal to little dinosaur fans.

(I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review)


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