The Omega's Royal Baby: A Fake Fiance M/M Non-Shifter Mpreg Romance (Omegas and Royals Book 1)

von Taylor Bishop 
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The Omega's Royal Baby: A Fake Fiance M/M Non-Shifter Mpreg Romance (Omegas and Royals Book 1)
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Inhaltsangabe zu "The Omega's Royal Baby: A Fake Fiance M/M Non-Shifter Mpreg Romance (Omegas and Royals Book 1)"

The fiance isn’t real. But the feelings might be.

A spoiled, alpha playboy prince and a penniless commoner must fake the romance of the decade to save the throne…

My life used to be normal, until the night I met Gabriel.

Before him, I was just trying to make ends meet. I worked three jobs to make rent, pay my sister’s medical bills and take care of her cat Agatha.

I clearly didn't have time to play pretend fiance to a playboy prince to save his name...but I really needed the money.

But Gabriel's not like any alpha I've known before: he's kind, protective, and his body keeps a virgin like me up at night. With him I feel safe, cherished and wanted. I know he'll guard the baby he put in my belly with his life.

If only his enemies don't tear us apart before we have the chance to be a real family...


As the Crown Prince of Merovia, all my life I've known that I can have any omega in the world with a snap of my fingers.

That is, until Noah.

I've never met an omega like him before: he's gorgeous, vulnerable and irresistible all at once. I want to hold him, to keep him safe and guard him fiercely from the world.

When we get tangled up in a fake tabloid romance to save my reputation, we fall in love with each other for real and I put a baby in Noah's belly. I almost dare to hope that things will go well for our little, growing family.

But the royal family has its fair share of skeletons in the closet, and the latest one to emerge might ruin us for good...

The Omega's Royal Baby is a 30,000 word steamy, knotty and romantic mpreg romance with a guaranteed HEA!


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