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Sidelined (A Wilde Players Dirty Romance)

Sidelined (A Wilde Players Dirty Romance)

Erschienen am 11.08.2016
Because of Him

Because of Him

Erschienen am 05.09.2017

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Rezension zu "Because of Him" von Terri E. Laine

pieggyvor einem Jahr

2,5 Stars 
A book about emotional strength, survival, fears, love and trust.
A book about fighting for life, fighting to live a normal life and about fighting demons.
A book about changing and finding the one person who will show you the meaning of love.

This book is about Raegan, a girl who went through sth. traumatic but learned to leave it all behind as good as possible. Now she tries to live a normal life. The first steps to a normal life is going to school, meeting new people and going out. But still.. she won´t let people get too close to her and doesn´t want anyone to find out her secrets. And that means to show no interest in Tade, the hottest guy at school. But the more he tries to get close to her and the more time they spend with each other, the more she starts to like him. And for once in her life, she doesn´t want her past and her fears to rule her life. For once she wants to date, to feel, to love. For the first time she will make the decision.

Tade is the son of a senator which means he set his own rules. Rules that wouldn´t have a negative impact on his dad´s careeer. Even though no one at schools knows who he is, he tries everything to keep this a secret, so that he can live without paparazzi surrounding him. Some of his rules: don.t get drunk, never have sex with a woman twice and no relationships. Well. That is till he sees Raegan for the first time. One look and he knows she means trouble. One look and he knows he can´t let her go. One look and he knows she is the one for him. But this is against his rules. Can a womanizer break his rules and change? And what will happen when his secrets, especially the one about his biological dad, will come to light?

Nothings is as it seems. Can two people with secrets and ugly pasts find love? Will Reagan be able to heal and live a normal life? What happens when secrets will be revealed? What happens if the past tries to ruin your present? Can two people with different lives and lifestyles ever have a happy end?

Read and find out ;)

My opinion:

To be honest, I expected a bit more. I read a couple of times that this book has some unexpected twist or something like that ... but there wasn´t- well, for me there wasn´t. The book/ the story was a bit predictable.

There were no surprises or shocking moments for me. Except for one SPOILER START I hadn´t thought Luana being so young. I was thinking she was 15/16, but not 12! The book said or rather the kidnapper and rapist said she had "nice tits". Therefore I thought she was out of puberty :/ hmm... Not sure what to think of the sexscenes now after I read this book. They didn´t had much details but still, they were there. Hmm...  SPOILER END

The writing style was ok. The story just felt a bit rushed at times. Some scenes were over too fast and too soon (f.e. the one after the fight that happened after the graduation ceremony) . I had an non-edited ARC in exchange for this review so I won´t let all the grammar/spelling mistakes have an influence on my rating.

I liked the characters except for Reagans Mom- she was annoying. Sure she´s sick but someone in her state of mind needs to go to a mental health clinic and get proper help.

When it came to the scene with the pill.... honestly...they were dumb. I´m note sure how schools in the US are but here in Germany we learn everything about the body, the sexual act, how babies are created and how they grow and what to do to prevent pregnancy. Those characters were 18 or so? They should know about all that.

I really liked the (nick-)name Tade gave Reagen. Also somewhere till the end there were some nice lines I had to mark in my kindle :)

The thing with Tades friend- predictable. Almost from the beginning I thought this was the case. I wish he and Raegans best friend would have had a part in the Epilogue as well. Without a mention of them in it, it somehow feels to me like their tiny story wasn´t necessary. Like those characters weren´t really necessary. They didn´t really had much influence on the main characters and didn´t had an important part. They were just the friends of...:/

The topic of the story itself, what happened with/to Luana. It was good. It had potential for a good story.

The End and the Epilogue were ok. The book in general is ok. It´s a good book to pass the time with. But as I already said- I expected a bit more. But that´s just me. Everyone should read it and make their own opinion about it. :) 


Rezension zu "Sidelined (A Wilde Players Dirty Romance)" von Terri E. Laine

Great book to pass the time
pieggyvor einem Jahr

This was a cute little 2nd chance and sports romance :)

It´s a book about 2 ppl who loved each other since highschool but were seperated by life, opportunities and misunderstandings.

Fletcher is a famous and talented Quarterback who was in town to take care of a few things. Buying dog food at the wrong time seemed to be his fate. Because-who would have thought that an accident would lead him to Cassidy, a physical therapist and the love of his life.

When they meet again to work with each other, all those feelings come rushing back but there is also "hate". Hate based on a misunderstanding that led to them both being heartbroken.

But hate will be replaced soon. Just one look and Fletcher knows he still loves her and needs to win her back. It just isn´t as easy as he wishes because Cassidy tries very hard to resist him and tries not to get hurt again. Because- she will get hurt and be heartbroken again, right? They live in two different worlds. It didn´t work once so why would it now?

And then there is her ex-husband...

My opinion:
I enjoyed reading this book. It was a fast read.

The characters were all likeable. I liked Fletcher the most. I loved his sense of humour and his smirks and how he loved her. I also liked how he was able to win Rita over and made her help him to win Cassidy back.

I liked the writing style too, although at times it seemed like scene jumps to scene jumps to scene. I think I would have liked this story a bit more if it would have been a bit longer and with more details. But for a short/fast read it was good.

As a dog fan I loved the two, even though they weren´t mentioned often.

How the book ended was nice as well. Wouldn´t mind to read more about this couple, though :)

All in all: A great read to pass the time :)

p.s.: It´s a standalone in a series so don´t worry- you can read this one. You´ll get to know a few of the other characters too (well I guess so, as there were some "introduced"- like Fletchers brother and cousins. I think the other books are/will be about them)


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