Terry Pratchett (Going Postal: Discworld Novel 33) By Terry Pratchett (Author) Paperback on (Oct , 2011)


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Inhaltsangabe zu „(Going Postal: Discworld Novel 33) By Terry Pratchett (Author) Paperback on (Oct , 2011)“ von Terry Pratchett

Drei Sterne nur im Vergleich zu den Vorgängern, aber gewisse Ermüdungserscheinungen sind nicht zu ignorieren. Trotzdem unterhaltsam!

— MisterHase

Von Sir Terrys letzten Romanen gefällt mir die Moist von Lipwig Reihe am Besten.

— Lhin
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  • Review: Going Postal - Terry Pratchett

    (Going Postal: Discworld Novel 33) By Terry Pratchett (Author) Paperback on (Oct , 2011)

    Valkyrie Kane

    Going Postal – Terry Pratchett I’ve always had a bit of a problem with Terry Pratchett’s books, when they weren’t about one of his „major“ character groups; The Watch, The Witches, DEATH etc. For example, I just couldn’t get the hang of “Small Gods” or “The Thief of Time”, and finally gave up reading those books. Yes, Ladies and Gentleman (or should I say Lords and Ladies? ;), I haven’t read ALL Terry Pratchett books there are. Sue me. I don’t really know what propelled me into trying to read “Going Postal”. Maybe it was a serious lack of good books lately? Maybe it was the movie adaptation of said book (which I haven’t even seen yet, but probably will at one point, because I like Richard Coyle and Charles Dance a lot)? Who knows? Fact is: I read it, and I really, really liked it. It was a tad on the dark side sometimes, but that wasn’t a problem. At least not for me. I think Moist von Lipwig is a lively, incredibly likable character, and it didn’t hurt that he had to interact with the Patrician a lot. ;D Plus, we got a few familiar faces, such as some members of the watch and some wizards. The only problem I had was… my English. It’s pretty good, and usually I understand everything, but what with Sir Terry’s word plays and twisted proverbs and whatnot, I’m sure I didn’t get the “finer” points he has almost certainly written. Still better than reading it in German, because if I had, I wouldn’t have gotten the “he gave you the bird” joke, since this is one of the numerous word plays you just CAN’T translate. I laughed a lot about that. (Yes, I’m easy to amuse.) Sometimes it got a bit too “philosophical” for me, and it had some lengths, but other than that: a wonderful read.

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