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Oh my...... did I really, really want to know all this?!? Sometimes reality really is a b...last. The simple harsh realities of life in the 19th century are somewhat less romantic then all the books and movies let us think - and Therese Oneill exposes those facts in such a way that I either groaned and moaned in disgust or exploded with laughter - or both of them at the same time.

I enjoyed reading this book so much, from the tiny little hints of ...well, ...poop... to the bigger questions of sewages - or rather of inexistent sewages, from the gorgeous, embroidered gown to the lack of underwear and ...well  - have you ever thought about the toilets in such times? Ever wondered, why no heroine in the books and movies set in those times ever really uses such a thing? No? After having read this book you will know why, believe me! The only thing even less romantic might be the water used as drinking water - or perhaps the nits might be a little bit of a turn-off as well... Oh, and don't forget about the shoes! Love your sneakers? Cherish them, shoes can be so much worse!

Alright, I guess, you have a fair idea now, what this book is about and believe me, you'll love it! It is hilarious and you just can't stop reading and watching those amazing, telling illustrations that go with it and - yup, I loved it! Of course it is not all humor and not all just fun, the book also deals with the state of medicin and the treatment and the social position of women in those times but always in a light and humerous manner without ever making light of the problems.

"Unmentionables" is brilliantly written, wonderfully witty and all in all just amazing!

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