Thomas E. Kennedy Falling Sideways


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Falling Sideways“ von Thomas E. Kennedy

There has never been any§shortage of business at the Tank, a high-profile firm in Copenhagen. There are round-table§meetings to attend, circular memos to write, colleagues to indirectly undermine.§But when the Tank's nefarious CEO announces a period of downsizing, everyone is§exposed and the game-playing begins in deadly earnest.§Top executive Frederick§Breathwaite suspects his days might be numbered, and is frantically trying to§ensure a foothold on the career ladder for his son Jes. Harald Jaeger,§estranged from his wife and daughters, harbours desperate passions for an§alarming number of women (including, dangerously, the Tank's married financial§officer). Lost in his amorous fantasies, he has somehow managed to catch the§CEO's eye - as a possible replacement for Breathwaite. Meanwhile the CEO's son§Adam should be following in his father's alpha-male footsteps but instead is§head-over-heels in puppy love with his au pair. And in a nearby shoe repair§shop, Jes, who personally can't imagine anything worse than his father's§corporate life, is pursuing a very different kind of future.§As the city settles into autumn,§a season of brittle days and foreboding nights, the impending downsizing causes§a ripple effect that touches not just every employee in the Tank but their§spouses, children and lovers as well. Sharp, funny but remarkably tender, Falling§Sideways is a shrewdly observed tale of ambition and anxiety, of§backstabbing and backsliding, of office politics and family affairs. (Quelle:'Fester Einband/19.11.2011')

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