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Inhaltsangabe zu „Delphi Complete Works of Thomas Hardy (Illustrated)“ von Thomas Hardy

Features: * illustrated with countless images relating to Hardy and his works * annotated with concise introductions to the novels and other texts * each novel has its own contents table - easily navigate between chapters! * many of the novels are fully illustrated with original artwork – enjoy the true flavour of the Victorian text on your Kindle! * information on the lost first novel ‘THE POOR MAN AND THE LADY', with a rare novella and poem tracing its content * ALL of the short stories with BOTH chronological and alphabetical contents tables * the compete plays – even including the rare “Tragedy of the Queen of Cornwall” available nowhere else as a digital book * ALL of the poems with their own separate chronological and alphabetical contents tables – find that special poem easily and quickly! * the poems are ALSO presented in their original collections, each with its own table * scholarly ordering of texts into chronological order and literary genres * special Hardy’s Wessex Map to accompany your reading of the novels * includes a special criticism section, with 6 different texts from other authors and critics, examining Hardy's literary work in detail * D.H Lawrence's lengthy critical book A STUDY OF THOMAS HARDY * Hardy's wife's TWO biographies - explore the great writer's amazing life in detail - available nowhere else * UPDATED with improved text and formatting in response to a customer's review This truly is the ultimate Hardy collection, with all the novel, short fiction, poems and plays, which no respectable eBook collection should be without! Welcome to hours upon hours upon hours of reading one of literature’s greatest writers... Please note: we aim to provide the most comprehensive author collections available to Kindle readers. Sadly, it’s not always possible to guarantee an absolutely ‘complete’ works, due to copyright restrictions or the scarcity of minor works. However, we do ensure our customers that every possible major text and a wealth of other material are included. We are dedicated to developing and enhancing our eBooks, which are available as free updates for customers who have already purchased them. CONTENTS: The Novels THE POOR MAN AND THE LADY AN INDISCRETION IN THE LIFE OF AN HEIRESS DESPERATE REMEDIES UNDER THE GREENWOOD TREE A PAIR OF BLUE EYES FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD THE HAND OF ETHELBERTA THE RETURN OF THE NATIVE THE TRUMPET-MAJOR A LAODICEAN TWO ON A TOWER THE MAYOR OF CASTERBRIDGE THE WOODLANDERS TESS OF THE D’URBERVILLES JUDE THE OBSCURE THE WELL-BELOVED The Complete Short Stories CHRONOLOGICAL LIST OF HARDY’S SHORT STORIES ALPHABETICAL LIST OF HARDY’S SHORT STORIES The Short Story Collections The Complete Poetry CHRONOLOGICAL LIST OF HARDY’S POETRY ALPHABETICAL LIST OF HARDY’S POETRY The Poetry Collections WESSEX POEMS AND OTHER VERSES POEMS OF THE PAST AND THE PRESENT TIME'S LAUGHINGSTOCKS AND OTHER VERSES and MORE... The Plays THE DYNASTS PART FIRST PART SECOND PART THIRD TRAGEDY OF THE QUEEN OF CORNWALL The Criticism A STUDY OF THOMAS HARDY BY D.H. LAWRENCE THOMAS HARDY BY LEON H. VINCENT THE LYRICAL POETRY OF THOMAS HARDY BY EDMUND GOSSE UNDER FRENCH ENCOURAGEMENT BY DAVID CHRISTIE MURRAY THOMAS HARDY BY JOHN COWPER POWYS A NOTE ON THE GENIUS OF THOMAS HARDY BY ARTHUR SYMONS The Biographies THE EARLY LIFE OF THOMAS HARDY, 1841–1891 BY FLORENCE HARDY THE LATER YEARS OF THOMAS HARDY, 1892–1928 BY FLORENCE HARDY HARDY’S WESSEX MAP
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