Thomas L. Hunter Dana and the secret of the magic crystal


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Dana and the secret of the magic crystal“ von Thomas L. Hunter

A long time ago, a magical experiment went wrong. An ancient population, who started it, had to bear the consequences. The magical explosion ripped everyone from their time. Dana has been found and taken in by the dwarfs when she was just a baby. On her tenth birthday there, she learns about her heritage and the one of her people, who not only got very old, but also had exceptional abilities. Curious and full of enthusiasm, she now tries to find out more about herself and her people. While she’s searching for her past, she comes across a ghost. The ghost is one of her people, who now instructs her and supervises her training as a magician. She learns to read the old books and how to apply magic. He tells her of what happened back in the day and she, of course, wants to search for her parents and her people – even if she has to outwit time. Of course, she also learns respect for life in general. During her training, she receives orders from the King of the dwarfs, to help out with a problem in the mountains. Following a catastrophe more than one hundred years ago, nobody can leave the mountains anymore. Anyone who’s tried to take on the problem, has failed so far. The dwarfs now hope that Dana’s magical abilities can solve said problem. During the hunt for a solution and for her past, Dana needs to face many adventures. She learns more about her heritage and during her investigations she meets more and more characters that have had contact to her people and who are willing to help her. Luckily, Dana is not alone. Shari, her little fairy, and Gomek, the dwarf boy, accompany and support her as best as they can. Is this kind of task even manageable for a ten-year-old and her young friends? Dana and supporters won’t be deterred, at any rate, and try everything to reach their goal.

Ein sehr schönes Kinderbuch

— komm_wir_gehen_schaukeln

Dana, who was found and taken in by dwarfs when she was just a baby, learns about her heritage and people on her tenth birthday. An adventur

— Thomas-L-Hunter
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  • Komm_wir_gehen_schaukeln

    Dana and the secret of the magic crystal


    24. March 2017 um 15:00

     Es ist ein sehr schönes,  Kinderbuch / Jugendbuch !!! Der erste teil einer Reihe.  Empfehlenswert ab 10 Jahren ... Mit seiner einzigartigen Welt und ihren  Bewohnern, lädt​ es die Kinder zum  gespannten zuhören ein.  Die kleine Dana, erforscht mit ihrem  Besten Freund die Höhlen der  unterirdischen Welt. Durch die vielen  kleinen Abenteuer bietet das Buch für  Kinder viele spannende anreize.  Kleines manko, sind die vielen Reisen die  evtl auf Kinder etwas langatmig scheinen  könnten !!!