Thomas Shawver The Dirty Book Murder: A Rare Book Mystery


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Inhaltsangabe zu „The Dirty Book Murder: A Rare Book Mystery“ von Thomas Shawver

In this smart, fast-paced mystery debut, Thomas Shawver introduces a charming, unlikely hero from the rarefied world of antique books.   Book merchant Michael Bevan arrives at the Kansas City auction house hoping to uncover some hidden literary gold. Though the auction ad had mentioned erotica, Michael is amazed to find lovely Japanese Shunga scrolls and a first edition of a novel by French author Colette with an inscription by Ernest Hemingway. This one item alone could fetch a small fortune in the right market.   As Michael and fellow dealer Gareth Hughes are warming up for battle, a stranger comes out of nowhere and outbids them—to the tune of sixty grand. But Gareth is unwilling to leave the auction house empty-handed, so he steals two volumes, including the Colette novel. When Gareth is found dead the next day, Michael quickly becomes the prime suspect: Not only had the pair been tossed out of a bar mid-fistfight the night before, but there is evidence from Michael’s shop at the crime scene.   Now the attorney-turned-bookman must find out who wanted the Colette so badly that they would kill for it—and frame Michael. Desperate to stay out of police custody, Michael follows the murderer’s trail into the wealthiest echelons of the city, where power and influence meet corruption—and mystery and eroticism are perverted by pure evil. Unfortunately for Michael, one dead book dealer is only the opening chapter in a terrifying tale of high culture and lowlifes. Praise for The Dirty Book Murder   “A page-turner . . . gripping and engaging . . . or, as dealers rate rare books, definitely VF—Very Fine!”—Carolyn Hart, New York Times bestselling author of the Death on Demand mysteries   “An antique book auction, complex characters driven by greed, and bittersweet family tensions come together in this atmospheric thriller. Readers of crime fiction will enjoy the ride and look forward to bookstore owner Michael Bevan’s next adventure.”—Sally Goldenbaum, bestselling author of the Seaside Knitters series
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  • Thomas Shawver - The Dirty Book Murder

    The Dirty Book Murder: A Rare Book Mystery


    19. December 2015 um 06:08

    Michael Bevan has given up his career with the Marines to sell books in Kansas City. At an auction he hopes to find some surprising big deal. Besides lovely Japanese Erotica which could sell for some high price, he discovers a first edition of a book by Colette in which he finds an inscription by Ernest Hemingway. The auction ends in turmoil: a stranger appears and bids high, the book is stolen and one of the bidders is found murdered the next day. Next to the dead body evidence which directly leads to Michael is found so he himself has to uncover the criminal before the police arrest him. “The Dirty Book Murder” is a clear page-turner which keeps you reading on and on and on. The story is cleverly constructed and offers some twists and turns which are not foreseeable. Besides the murder story, the plot also offers some personal aspects of the characters which makes them appear authentic and multifaceted. Connecting both of them leads to a thrilling climax which also offers a lot of action. The protagonist offers a lot and could easily reappear in follow-up stories. What I appreciated most was the background information about the books mentioned, e.g. the explanation which the stolen Colette book is that worthy and the role e.g. Sylvia Beach played in 20th century literature. So this crime story offers much more than just thrill and suspense and thus is a real jewel for book and crime story lovers.

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