Tiffinie Helmer Moosed-Up (Wild Men of Alaska)


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Moosed-Up (Wild Men of Alaska)“ von Tiffinie Helmer

Stay out of the woods...the moose are loose and the men are hungry. Nurse Practitioner Eva Stuart's life is messed-up. She found her fiancé in bed with her best friend Jeremy, which has killed her confidence as a desirable woman and brought her judgment into question when it comes to men. Needing a change of scenery, she leaves Cincinnati behind for the wilds of Alaska and opts for running a medical clinic in a remote town. Her life quickly changes from messed-up to moosed-up as nature takes a stab at her. Wildlife Refuge Officer Lynx Maiski is big...and hot...and hungry for a mate. He's more than willing to show Eva just how sexy she is. After all, sometimes what a street-smart woman really needs is a forest-smart mountain man. But he's keeping a secret that seems destined to ruin his chances at love. Soon they are dealing with small town interference, a sun that refuses to set, deadly poachers, out of control lust, and a matchmaking moose on the loose. A Peek Inside   Eva caught her breath at the predatory look in Lynx's eyes.       He'd gone from perplexed, to worry, to decision. And his decision had gooseflesh rising up all over her body.       He stood at the end of the bed and never broke eye contact. Sprawled on the blankets, she didn't breathe as he untied his boots and toed them off. She wanted to smooth the skirt down her legs from where it was bunched, but was almost afraid to move, worried that if she did, he'd pounce. She thought she'd been ready to be taken, but by the sweet, thoughtful man who had brought her chocolate, and picked her wildflowers.      This man was someone different.       Wild, hot, unpredictable, and looking a lot like the feral arc­tic cat he was named after. He was so far out of her realm of experience, for the first time in her life she didn't know what to do. *This book also contains bonus material on Tiffinie Helmer's upcoming novel SHIVER, the 3rd book in the Romance on the Edge Novels.    "Alaska's answer to Janet Evanovich!" ~ Pat Ansdem. "If you like Janet Evanovich and Northern Exposure you'll like this book. Eve is a nurse practitioner who's come to Alaska after losing her boyfriend to another man. With a moose on the loose decked out in Eve's bra and a hunky forest ranger who just might be able to talk to animals this book has great characters, humor and mystery. To me that's a great combination." ~ Goodreads Reviewer "I'm not sure how many times I was snickering to myself in bed. Tiffinie has entwined humor, and suspense throughout this romance, as well as a smokin hot bedroom scene that will surely melt those ice caps of those Alaskan mountain tops." ~ Amazon Reviewer "An adorable romance between a feisty woman and a hardheaded man...the kind I love. You will not only fall in love with Tiffinie's characters, you will also fall in love with her descriptions of their surroundings. She easily takes you to another place and keeps your attention! Looking forward to many many more Wild Men of Alaska books!" ~ Amazon Reviewer
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  • witzig, spritzig und unterhaltsam und ein Geheimnis, das halb so wild ist

    Moosed-Up (Wild Men of Alaska)


    06. March 2014 um 13:58

    Dies war mein erstes Buch von Tiffinie Helmer und der Grund, warum ich "Dreamweaver" auch gekauft habe. Dieses Buch liest sich so etwas von klasse, man spürt quasi wie Eva sich erst mit den örtlichen Gegebenheiten der Kleinstadt (Kaff trifft es wohl eher) mitten in Alaska anfreunden muss.  Wildlife Manager (war das nicht früher einfach ein Ranger?) Lynx ist sofort hin und weg von Eva, was diese auch aus den Socken haut. Entgegen ihrer Gewohnheiten landet sie sofort mit ihm im Bett. Leider weiß schnell der ganze Ort davon, denn ausgerechnet eine einheimisches Wildtier hat den fallen gelassenen violetten BH gefunden und trägt ihm würdevoll am Geweih durch die Ortschaft.... Ein paar böse Wilderer kommen auch noch drin vor, damit Lynx einen Grund hat unpünktlich zu den Dates zu erscheinen... Ich habe viel gelacht, viel Spaß gehabt und es gerne gelesen und gleich noch einige Bücher der Autorin nachgeordert.

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