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Christmas at the Little Village Bakery is the second book in the Honeybourne series.
I enjoyed the wintery setting in the little town but the story itself couldn't really touch me. It was fine to read but I missed some sparkles which drew me into the story.The characters were likable but none who I really liked or touched me. Some storyparts and character developments rather annoyed me.
I am also a bit disappointed that the bakery played such a little role in the books. I really wish there would have been a bit more about the business, its development and the life with it.
The writing style is fast-paced and enjoyable. I am looking forward to more books by the author and hope they will be able to touch me more.


The cover is an absolute eyecatcher which shows the cosy atmosphere of the little village.

"The Little Village Bakery" is a really nice story with a cute setting in the little village Honeybourne. We follow Millie who bought the old bakery and is starting her new life while escaping from her past.

The story is mostly predictable but really sweet, still I had some problems with it. I found things developing too fast and I missed some depth in the story and with the characters. The book also failed to really touch me emotionally. Yeah, it's a cute story but unfortunately not more to me.

Millie was a sweet person which I really liked but I had my difficulties with Dylan. There was too much change of character in a very short time and his past was only a short marginal note. I think there was a lot more potential in his character.

I liked that the story didn't only concentrate on Millie and Dylan but also on other members of the village.

The writing style is fast-paced and very enjoyable to read.


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