Tom Holt Snow White and the Seven Samurai


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This title is comic fantasy novel from Tom Holt.
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    Snow White and the Seven Samurai


    28. June 2011 um 16:30

    I love Tom Holt´s books - the historic novels as much as the comic fantasy novels. But I really had a hard time with this one. The story is great: three kids hack the fairy land system Mirrors 3.1 and cause a crash of the database, and things start to go wrong in the Wicked Queen´s domain. I think this time Tom Holt has just overdone it - too many great ideas, too many aspects of the plot, too many hillarious characters etc. Also, I had troubles understanding some of the references (never before in my life had I heard of the"Jack and Jill" nursery rhyme). So I would recommend this book only to people who are familiar with english versions of fairy tales and nursery rhymes, or whoose English is much better than mine :-) EXTRACT: "(...) the wicked queen turned away freom her reflection in the mirror, slid back a hidden panel in the wall and switched on the power. The surface of the glass began to glow blue. (...) Somewhere behind the glass, mist started to swirl. (...) The ball of mist had become a head; an elderly man, white-haired and deeply lined, with cold blue eyes and a cruel mouth, but with an air of such dreadful loneliness and despair that even the queen, who had put him there in the first place, never liked looking at him for too long. At first he appeared in profile; then his face moved round until his eyes met hers. "Running DOS", he said. "Please wait." He vanished, and his place was taken by a brightly coloured cartoon image of a spider spinning a web.

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