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Inhaltsangabe zu „Ein einziges Leben“ von Tom Lampert

Authentic documentation or gripping fiction? Ein einziges Leben is both: Lampert's reconstruction of the lives of eight peripheral figures of the Nazi era transforms an over-interpreted past into an open present: "I am very glad that the book that I always wished for has finally arrived." (Sten Nadolny) There is the "problem child" Mirjam P. who, in 1933, is deported from Palestine to Germany. Her story comprises a breathless series of escapes, petty-criminal dodges and naive-imaginative manoeuvres with which the girl avoids subsequent arrests and committals to mental asylums– without being able to halt a machinery that will transport her, finally, to the gas chambers. There is the Nazi and determined anti-semite Wilhelm K. who in 1941 becomes Commissioner General in Belorussia and starts fighting fiercely for the lives of the German Jews in the Minsk ghetto; and there is Karl L., the only Jew whom Commissioner K. can actually save. Transferred to Theresienstadt, L. re-establishes the Jewish ghetto police to pursue, relentlessly, any violation of concentration camp rules. All these interconnected lives branch out in unexpected patterns. Where many books about the Holocaust anticipate events, either consciously or subconsciously, Lampert transfers us into the open present of the protagonists. The rhythm defined by the authentic documents on which all these stories are based lets his subjects' lives unfold, from one moment to the next: in a reality strangerthan fiction could ever be. "I could hardly put his book down. It is an extraordinary documentary reconstruction and at the same time a riveting piece of literature. I am a documentarist myself… how I wish I could emulate it." (Amos Elon) "Lampert does not explain, he records all contradictions.This book is a barb in the collective memory. It's a superb book." (TAZ)

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Ein Buch, dass lykkelig macht. Ich kann es euch nur ans Herz legen. Mir hat es sehr gefallen!


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