Tom Quinn London's Strangest Tales


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Inhaltsangabe zu „London's Strangest Tales“ von Tom Quinn

From the medieval human lavatory to the one-legged escalator tester to the monarch who showed her breasts to a visiting ambassador, some of London's best-kept secrets—now in a gift format   This collection is packed with amazing things most readers don't know about the capital, such as the fact that it's still forbidden to run, carry an umbrella, or whistle in Burlington Arcade. Readers will also find out, for example, that there is a tiny, working jail cell that looks like a fat lamppost, situated at the southeast corner of Trafalgar Square, that still has a direct phone link to Scotland Yard; and that that the entrance to Buckingham Palace that faces down the Mall is actually the back door, not the front. A perfect gift for the London obsessed, this extraordinary collection is an alternative, and often bonkers, guide to the city.
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