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This book will change the way you view 30 minutes!
blessedvor 5 Jahren

In The Power of a Half Hour Tommy Barnett challenges the way we view a half hour. Most of us think of 30 minutes as a small chunk of spare time during which to have lunch, watch TV or check Facebook. After you read this book you’ll know that 30 minutes can change your life.

Throughout Tommy Barnett shares inspiring personal stories as well as Biblical principles, making this a very accessible book. It is easy to read and full of practical ways that show you how to make the most of small, manageable moments in your day in different areas of your life, including your purpose and values, personal goals, faith, character and attitude, dreams, career, relationships, marriage and family, as well as church involvement and ministry.

At the back of the book a personal action plan for each chapter is provided to help you apply the power principles in your life. A small-group study guide is also included.

The Power of a Half Hour was just the book I needed to read. It really helped me to change my view of 30 minutes from “I have time to kill” to “I have time to use effectively and productively”. I am still in the process of learning how best to apply the principles from the book but I fully intend to manage my time better from now on. And there’s plenty here to help me do that.

I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to make more of their time. I think I will read it again alongside the personal action plans now.


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