Tony Baldwinson Lives and Times: John Baldwinson, Teresa Duffy and family


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Lives and Times: John Baldwinson, Teresa Duffy and family“ von Tony Baldwinson

Preface to the Second Edition

The first edition of this family history was a booklet circulated within the family at Christmas 2014. It was 64 pages, and drew some very kind comments. I already had a sense that we risked losing many of the oral stories within the family, basically as time and people passed. I was also very curious to learn more, I liked using my research skills, and I knew I could easily forget or mis-remember stories if I did not write them down. What started as lists grew into prose.
As many have said, the generations before us were told it was bad manners to talk about themselves. It was the sin of vanity. They were not the Facebook generation. And, they told themselves, their lives were just ordinary. Write about someone else, they might say, those other people are far more interesting than me. At best, we sat down together with a family photo album and repeated our stories as we turned the pages. But mostly I feel we said too little.
I’m massively indebted to the many people who have kindly helped me. Relatives have given me very generous, candid and sometimes dark and heartfelt accounts – including many stories that I knew nothing about until recently. Strangers have also helped, including people researching their own family history who kindly gave me their time, advice and new leads.
I have stopped my research mostly at the 1980s, and before that when I reach living relatives of my generation and younger. Partly this is for their privacy, and partly because I understand that this account here is simply one history, and that it would be impossible for it to be the history of our families. We may have memoirs we want to write ourselves when we are ready. We may also disagree.
This is essentially a collection of stories rather than a list of old dates.
I hope in describing the range of our family relationships here it helps us to reflect, learn and grow.

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