Tony Gaschler EL-METHOD. Overcoming shyness, fear of public speaking, insecurity, low self-esteem, stage fright, excessive facial blushing and any other social anxiety disorder.


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Inhaltsangabe zu „EL-METHOD. Overcoming shyness, fear of public speaking, insecurity, low self-esteem, stage fright, excessive facial blushing and any other social anxiety disorder.“ von Tony Gaschler

The EL METHOD by Tony Gaschler has been successfully introduced on German TV.

Who needs the EL METHOD ?

People suffering from undesired and negative excessive social and emotional inhibitions and blockages.

The EL METHOD (Emotional Liberation Method) by Tony Gaschler is an INTENSIVE RELIEF METHOD that is self-taught so that anybody can rid themselves quickly of those excessive emotional inhibitions that often make life so difficult. The elimination of these symptoms is surprisingly simple.


1 introductory booklet --- 10 exercise books with theoretical explanations and hands-on exercises --- Content with special DYNAMICALLY developed, highly effective autosuggestion templates with formative influences GUARANTEED to have a positive effect --- 1 help sheet


A variety of different social and emotional inhibitions and blockages exist. Here is a short list to help you find out for yourself from which undesired inhibition symptoms and feelings you are suffering:

Shyness (in mixed company or in front of the opposite sex) --- Fear of speaking (fear of failure) --- Insecurity and low self-esteem --- Blushing and sweaty hands --- General anxiety about life and the future --- General shyness --- Fear of exams - Fear of and insecurity in presence of supervisor and persons of the opposite sex --- Afraid of people and lack of contact (self-imposed isolation due to fear of others) --- General inhibitions (unfounded shyness due to lack of confidence) --- Stage fright, microphone fright (panic fear of public appearances, lectures or public speaking, feeling unwell in front of others, avoiding drawing attention to oneself) --- Insecure manner and speaking in mixed company --- Communication problems in marriage and partnership --- Lack of perseverance and courage --- False modesty and excessive consideration of others --- Feelings of insecurity and fear of expression in front of strangers --- General meekness and insecurity when talking to others, during negotiations, etc. --- Expressional blocks, thought blocks, memory loss, stuttering in stressful situations

These were just a few examples of excessive emotional and social inhibitions that make life much more difficult than it has to be and sabotage professional as well as personal success.


Emotional inhibitions are primarily rooted in a habit of HOLDING IN EMOTIONS acquired during childhood.

Thus affected persons are otherwise healthy and normal but have learned an unfavorable, unconscious response system. Just as this problem was created it is also eliminated: “With the systematic acquisition (training) of unconscious responses and reactions.”

Every normal and healthy person wants to be happy and strives for self-fulfillment. Feelings of happiness or satisfaction are the natural and normal state of consciousness of people. His or her nervous system functions properly when he or she is happy. Feelings of happiness and satisfaction are an important prerequisite for the proper function of organs and a healthy body and mind in general. The entire endocrinal and immune system of a person only functions properly when that person feels happy and content.

True feelings of happiness, however, are only possible if the respective person can find self-fulfillment and self-development within his or her environment and society. Many people of all social strata and education levels are prevented by their emotional inhibitions from being happy, content, and fully realized, privately and professionally. You are forced to apply and use much more time and energy to reach your goals than people who are confident and self-assured.

It should be made clear that emotional inhibitions are not abnormalities or diseases but only very normal and logical behavior processes. Emotionally inhibited people are perfectly normal and healthy. Inhibitions are nothing more than incorrect and impractical behavior patterns and habits that – once learned and acquired – happen all by themselves in an unconscious manner.

Persons afflicted in such a way have only learned an unconscious behavior pattern that restricts and inhibits the natural expression of emotions. They usually have learned to withhold and hold in emotions and not to express them during childhood and adolescence. However, feelings are then not eliminated. Just the contrary, suppressed emotions trigger complex unconscious processes that result in inhibitions such as feelings of anxiety, fear, and embarrassment.

Regardless of how unfortunate the symptoms of inhibitions may be, knowing how they were created also provides a way to eliminate them: An emotionally liberated state is reached after practicing for a specific period of time certain exercises developed to express emotions freely, spontaneously, and genuinely. This training program reduces existing emotional blockages. With the help of specific efficacious factors, a new behavior pattern is learned and established over time, which allows speaking and overall responses to become automatic and unconscious, which translates into the free and inhibited expression of a person’s emotions.

Which EFFICACIOUS FACTORS decisively affect the elimination of EMOTIONAL INHIBITIONS ?

Tony Gaschler spent many years researching and developing a special form of autosuggestion: "DYNAMIC AUTOSUGGESTION."EE METHOD” since 2004.

Next, Tony Gaschler created the EMOTIONAL VITALIZATION METHOD that systematically integrates all of his experiences and discoveries from the Emotional Disinhibition Method. The reason is that many people with only minor inhibition problems were also interested in optimizing their confidence levels without being severely inhibited or blocked. Many people are interested in being able to master public speaking and have more harmonious and happier relationships, or wish to activate their life force and vitality for professional success and greater developmental freedom. It was also possible to reduce the training duration from 10 weeks to only 6 weeks.

In between, Tony Gaschler also developed a multifunctional sleep learning methods with the title “Learn While You Sleep" This DYNAMIC AUTOSUGGESTION method effects a systematic reprogramming; inhibitions are reduced and new self-assured REACTION SYSTEMS take the place of these inhibitions. This dynamic form is unique and especially effective. DYNAMIC AUTOSUGGESTION has the advantage of being more intense, quicker, and – most importantly - fully automatic when compared with similar methods.

>> It does not matter whether you believe in this method, have your doubts, or are just hopeful. Real effects are the result, whether you want to or not. <<

The creation of new and self-assured reaction systems changes behavior patterns very quickly so that noticeable successes are soon noticed by friends and relatives as well.

What are the STEPS to eliminate EMOTIONAL INHIBITIONS ?

The EL Method (Emotional Liberation Method) by Tony Gaschler is easily applied by people unfamiliar with psychological training and processes and constitutes a highly efficient way to completely eliminate excessive and negative inhibitions within 10 weeks through consequent training.

The EL METHOD is written in an easy to understand basic language and can be used by anybody.

All of the exercises are structured to suit anybody’s schedule. Individual exercises are short enough to accommodate even the busiest person. They take only a few minutes per exercise day.

The entire method consists of 10 individual steps. Clear and significantly noticeable effects are achieved as early as the first week and sometimes even after the very first exercise lesson and increase day by day. This is especially pleasant because a certain joy and enthusiasm for the entire method is thereby developed and fostered.

Excessive emotional and psychological inhibitions are eliminated while using this method. A free and confident reaction system is developed. This is done with the aid of systematic REPROGRAMMING. Once new and freely accessible reactions systems are acquired (and that in a very short time! ), they are triggered automatically by your subconscious and prevent people afflicted with inhibitions from action freely when confronted with other people and situations.

In short: The previously inhibited individual automatically and subconsciously reacts to all situations and persons more freely and more self-assured. He or she is free from previous repressive inhibitions and can thus develop freely and without being inhibited.

The joie de vivre of that person automatically increases, as well as his or her willingness to engage in and enjoy social communication and interaction.

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