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Inhaltsangabe zu „Shogi“ von Trevor Leggett

This book tells how to play shogi, the Japanese representative of the family of chess games. The distinctive feature of shogi, played on a board with nine squares each way and a total of forty pieces, is that a captured piece becomes a property of the capturing side and can be dropped on the board for that side's offensive. This game is so popular among all classes of Japanese that there is almost no magazine without a column on it, and the big daily newspapers always always feature some current tournament game, giving a few moves and a long commentary. This popularity is easily understood as soon as one has played just a few games of this challenging chess vbariation. The step-by-step instructions and thorough diagrams given here make this book invaluable both as a guide for beginners and as a review for seasoned players. The book includes an explanation of the board, the moves of each of the pieces, the effective use of the various pieces in game situations, the use of the "paratroops" (pieces that have been captured from the opponent) and defenses against these "paratroop" attacks, the relative value of each of the pieces so that the beginner does not trade off pieces to his disadvantage, a sample novices' game and commentary, various possible openings - which any chess player knows are of paramount importance - and their results, game positions which show how to deal with various shogi situations, and finally how to read a Japanese score. In addition to all the "how-to-play" information, this book has a special feature: a shogi board is bound into the book and folds out for use with shogi pieces which can be punched out from a sheet tipped in the book. The pieces have both the English and the Japanese symbols.

Stöbern in Sachbuch


Kein Ratgeber, aber eröffnet neue Sichtweisen zu Freundschaften, die für jeden von wertvoll/nützlich sein können. Eine interessante Lektüre!


Mein Kind ist genau richtig, wie es ist

Ein lesenswertes Sachbuch über die Entwicklung des eigenen Wesens- Nicht nur für Eltern Lesenswert!


Glück besteht aus Buchstaben

Letztlich eher enttäuschend. Die Autobiographie nahm mehr Raum ein als die Bücher. Außerdem ein paar Taktlosigkeiten.





Green Bonanza

Informativ, interessant & nützlich-nur leider wieder mal ohne Angaben v.Kcal/BE/KH/EW & F, dafür m.entbehrl. Fotos irrelevanter Leute!


Was das Herz begehrt

Tolles Buch mit vielen Erklärungen über unser Herz.


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