The Little Teashop of Lost and Found by Trisha Ashley (2017-03-09)

von Trisha Ashley 
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The Little Teashop of Lost and Found by Trisha Ashley (2017-03-09)
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Enjoyable read, perfect setting in Cornwall. A good story with a serious background, very positive and romantic.

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    Magicsunsetvor 6 Monaten
    Kurzmeinung: Enjoyable read, perfect setting in Cornwall. A good story with a serious background, very positive and romantic.
    An enjoyable story about a new start and a teashop in Cornwall

    “You know you’ve been cooped up writing for too many hours when the weak October sun seems unbearably bright and everything sort of shimmers.” (page 384)

    The newborn Alice Rose was abandoned in the Yorkshire moors near Haworth. Her father by adoption loves her and so does Lola, her best friend. She loves to bake and when her father by adoption suddenly dies, she works as a baker and pastry chef, until she finally returns to Haworth, hoping to find the woman who abandoned her. She has bought a little teashop that needs lots of work and renovation until she can start her afternoon tea emporium. But she has found friends who help her – with her teashop and with the research to find out who she is …

    Theme and genre:
    This is the story about adoption and the questions arising about the real parents, about abandonment, but most of all about having a dream, about friendship, helping together, and about baking (recipes included at the end of the book). The setting in Cornwall gives the reader a holiday feeling and there is enough humor and romance to make this book a perfect summer read.

    Trisha Ashley writes about loveable, quite funny and special persons, easily to be found in small villages. Especially the member of the Giddings family, helpful and welcoming to Alice, warmhearted people, I liked every single person of them. There are two quite stubborn, old-fashioned, witty waitresses, helping Alice to reopen the teashop. Alice, the main character is used to be abandoned, sometimes just because and sometimes by fate. Also struggling she keeps her hopes, dreams and moves on to make things happen. Sometimes sad, but never lamenting, she believes in solutions and maybe wonders.

    Plot and writing:
    There are three entwined storylines, what makes this book special and gives exciting turns. The story begins with a prologue in 1978, the story of the abandoned baby, told by the woman, who is her mother, between the chapters of Alice today, 36 years old, and her struggles to make a go of the run-down old teashop. The third story is a fairy tale, but with new interpretations, written by Alice, mainly during long nights. Especially this third story is very funny and lets the reader sometimes laugh aloud – as the whole story does. The author has a big sense for creating funny situations and makes the story an enjoyable read.

    A story about some bad times, but lots of good times, of friendship, about the comfort of small villages and about delicious baking. Written with a good sense of humor and romance. Perfect for readers who love settings in Cornwall, bakeries, funny misunderstandings and who enjoy entertaining stories. Perfect for a relaxing and comfortable weekend.


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