Trudi Canavan Angel of Storms: Book 2 of Millennium's Rule


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Angel of Storms: Book 2 of Millennium's Rule“ von Trudi Canavan

International No.1 bestselling author Trudi Canavan returns with the second novel in the Millennium's Rule series - her most powerful and thrilling adventure yet. Tyen trains students in the ways of magic, but his teaching may soon be outlawed. Rumour has it that the formidable ruler of all worlds, long believed to be dead, is back and is harshly enforcing his old laws - including the one forbidding schools of magic. As teachers and pupils flee, Tyen is left with no home and no purpose . . . except to fulfil the promise he made to Vella, the sorcerer imprisoned in a book. Tyen must decide what he is willing to do to free her. Elsewhere, Rielle's peaceful new life as a tapestry weaver has been shattered by a local war. As defeat looms, the powerful Angel of Storms appears and invites Rielle to join the artists of his heavenly realm. But what will he require in return for this extraordinary offer? Escape to a new world. Discover the magic of Trudi Canavan.

Sehr cooler zweiter Teil... jetzt werde ich sehnsüchtig auf den 3. warten!!!

— teetaesschen
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  • Good heavens, this was sometimes a real torture.

    Angel of Storms: Book 2 of Millennium's Rule


    24. May 2017 um 17:39

    Guess I´ll have to admit, that I am not a huge fan of Trudi Canavan. Her style isn´t really mine. Yes, Trudi Canavan has her very own way of writing fantasy novels and not everyone will like it. Despite the fact, that I don´t consider myself a real fan of hers, I do see that she has a great fantasy. Though it isn´t always easy to see what she tries to show her readers. Angel of Storms is told by an invisible narrator and the writing style is as debauched as ever. You need some patience and stamina to make it to the end.  Canavan sees things in her head and puts them onto paper that are quite astonishing, colorful, exciting and frightening at the same time. But nonetheless, you need to read all of it if you want to have the slightest change to follow the plot. But the change Rielle goes through, how she starts seeing things, the way she keeps her instincts and how she trusts them – that is great to watch. At the end, I was kind of surprised in a positive way to see how she was acting.

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