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Cover des Buches Kaikeyi (English Edition) (ISBN: 9780356520193)

Kaikeyi (English Edition)

Erschienen am 27.10.2022

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Cover des Buches Kaikeyi: A Novel (ISBN: 9780759557338)
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Absolutely Wonderfull
Siannavor einem Jahr

Thank you to @littlebrownbookgroup_uk and @netgalley for the review copy.

I do not have that much to say about this book other than that I thouroughly enjoyed it. Since I am not familiar with the source material it would not be right for me to comment on its merrits as a retelling, but as a standalone work I really liked it.

It's probably best described as a fictional autobiography, meaning it involves big time jumps and only zooms in on specific important events now and then. It is a style you have to like but if you do this book might be for you.

I am impressed with how well the author managed to give us insight into Kaikeyi, how impactful her feelings were on my own, It's a story about a womans fight for influence not only for her but for all women while fighting very realistic pushbacks from the men in power. It's also about motherhood and realizing that your children are their own people and you can't controll them forever even if that would be better for everyone.

What I liked most about the book is the amazing aroace representation. Kaikeyi is an aroace character whos life is full of love, family and affection and all obstacles she faces are independent from this identity. It's just nice to see.

I absolutely can and will reccomend this book.


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