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Each of these twelve stories is a complete world, where ordinary lives are transformed, myths bloom into reality and the everyday is haunted by obsession and duplicity. A painter is made insufferable by success; a writer is driven to bury the evidence of his inadequacy. Metamorphosis fragments a marriage and beasts bear the consequences of human failings. Living creatures scratch out hauntings, rumours spread like fire. Fantastical beings are made flesh while mortals are engaged in a struggle that should be honourable but more often corrupts. Lyrical and macabre, Valerie Martin's stories are wry and unexpected too. The question 'Are we animals, or are we something else?' is answered by an ancient proposition both whimsical and disturbing: we are neither and both.
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    Sea Lovers


    31. December 2016 um 17:21

    Sea Lovers consists of twelve short stories written over a period of three decades. The stories are grouped in three sections: "Among the Animals", "Among the Artists" and "Metamorphoses".The four stories in "Among the Animals" all feature an animal and are dark and cruel. They were okay to read for me but I can understand if an animal lover would want to stop reading the book altogether."Among the Artists" deals with different kinds of artists. These stories are, again, very dark and they started to bore me quickly. I had to force myself to continue reading. I also kept wondering where I'd find the magical realism mentioned in the blurb.In "Metamorphoses" I finally found it. "The Change" and "Sea Lovers" are wonderful short stories that are enchanting and creepy ("Sea Lovers").Overall, Sea Lovers didn't meet my expectations. The title is misleading. Just like Andrew remarked on Goodreads, it should hint at all the death in the stories, the ocean or love don't play a big part in this book.

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