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Due to her father’s many business trips, Vera Elle Unita was born in Germany near Stuttgart in 1990. Since then she has traveled a lot, even studied one year abroad, but finally settled down with her husband and two beautiful dogs back home in the US—hello, Boston! She likes new hair colors, chocolate (who doesn’t?), and reading or writing about strong, perfectly imperfect book boyfriends struggling with their past. Everyone just needs a little love, right?

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Cover des Buches Good Grief (ISBN: 9783946210061)P

Rezension zu "Good Grief" von Vera Elle Unita

Love it!
Phoenicruxvor 5 Jahren

When I first saw the cover, I was like "Aw thats so cute, look at the little Frenchie on it!" I love the fact that the little Men is on it. It's simple, but perfect for the Story. You can see the connection between the Man and the Dog. 

There immediately is an attraction between Cole and Jasmine. It's like they know each other for a long time, but they don't exactly know why there feeling this way. Cole has a lot of Pain and Bitterness inside of him. Had he experienced bad things in his past, that he had to build a wall around himself to protect him from feeling anything? He is an strong, protective and caring person. 
Jasmin on the other hand is a woman who is very independent, creative and speaks her mind. I really like that she is an animal-loving person. The way she interacts with her smart little Frenchie is just adorable. At her new job most of her colleagues are men and she has to prove herself to them. Even it seems hard to manage at first, she is not a quitter and suprise them all. 

My Opinion:
All the Pain and Sorrow the protagonists felt, I felt it too. Coles Numbness is understandable, nobody can judge him for that. This Book is a story full of Loss, Desperation and the Hope, that someday, it gets better. For some readers the relationship between Cole and Jasmin moves fast in a short Time, but soon you'll see that they're very serious and they have their reasons. I really loved the Story. You're looking for an Lovestory who's close to Reality? Then I fully recommend this Book to you. Go on and Buy it, for me it's an Must-Read.

Cover des Buches Good Grief (ISBN: 9783946210061)NickyMohinis avatar

Rezension zu "Good Grief" von Vera Elle Unita

a gorgeous, extraordinary and breathtaking story
NickyMohinivor 5 Jahren

Jasmine Frost is very exited for her first day at her new job. How could she knew, what happened at work? The arrogant billionaire Cole Ward wants her to lead the renovations in his mansion. Jasmine has to move in with Cole to oversee the renovations. But the mansion needs definetly more than a little makeover. That means, Jasmine ist stuck with Cole for more than a few days. He is really curious, doesn't like her little puppy and is very gruff. But there is something between them, that no one can explain. And Cole has secrets about his past. Can Jasmine find out what happened to him? And does she really want to know?

The cover shows Chester, Jasemine's cute little French bulldog. Chester looks up at a men with so much faith and love in his eyes. I really love this little puppy and he stole my heart from the first moment, I saw the heart-warming cover.

Jasmine is a wonderful, colorful and cheerful woman with a big heart. She also is confident, creative, and powerful. At the beginning, she really knows what she wants. Bit by bit, she seems a little bit doubtful because of her feelings. But Jasmine wouldn't be herself, if she doesn't find a way out.

Cole at first sight seems very cold and arrogant. But if we take a deep look into his eyes and his soul, he seems to be broken and not so unloving anymore. In his past, there where difficult and sad happenings, therefore his behavior and his words are understandable for me.

"Good Grief" is a gorgeous, extraordinary and breathtaking story, that touched my heart with every page. I felt every tear, every laugh and every word. It moved me to tears and fully convinced me.


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