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Inhaltsangabe zu „Egomaniac (Tight Spaces)“ von Vi Keeland

A new standalone contemporary romance from the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Bos....

If you are looking for a love story that blends heart, romance, and steam then this book is definitely for you and you MUST read this one!

— Lonechastesoul
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  • Really loved this one.

    Egomaniac (Tight Spaces)


    20. December 2017 um 20:53

    “You're the color in my black and white world.” Egomaniac follows divorce attorney Drew Michael Jagger and marriage counselor Emerie Rose after they find themselves sharing a Park Avenue office space. Drew Jagger is a successful family law attorney. He is one of those big shot NYC divorce attorneys that mean business. And so when he comes back from his Hawaiian vacation, he is surprised to discover a gorgeous redheaded woman in his office. As it turns out, this stranger happened to get conned into renting an office that wasn't supposed to be rented out. And so feeling bad for Emerie, he decides to help her out. Polar opposites in every way they find themselves on a collision course all the way to the bedroom, while secrets and painful past prevent them from moving past fuck-buddies. I CANNOT imagine a single person not falling head over heels in love with Emerie and Drew. They are down right lovable, so real and funny. And SO charming I loved these two together. I loved how they get to know each other, their meals together and most of all their banter and playful interactions. Their back and forth was entertaining as hell and I loved their palpable chemistry. I enjoyed the pace of the story, the dual POV, the engaging story line and the ending which was…OMG, so damn sweet and perfect! Egomaniac is a sexy blend of sophistication, banter, friendship, love, and steam. I am in utter bliss right now. Yes, I practically inhaled this book in one sitting. This book owned me. Drew Jagger was the epitome of ultimate book boyfriend when it came to his affection for Emerie Rose. Did I also mention that this egomaniac has a heart of gold? So if you are looking for a love story that blends heart, romance, and steam then this book is definitely for you and you MUST read this one! You won’t regret it!

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