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Cover des Buches The Father of Us All (ISBN: 9781608191659)

The Father of Us All

Erschienen am 27.04.2010

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Cover des Buches The Father of Us All (ISBN: 9781608191659)ciceros avatar

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Rezension zu "The Father of Us All: War and History, Ancient and Modern" von Victor Davis Hanson
cicerovor 9 Jahren

Understanding the Logic of War on the basis of our Ancient Heritage
Victor Davis Hanson's book "The Father of Us All" is one of those books explaining an important aspect of our present world in a timeless and groundbreaking manner, so that this book can be recommeded to everybody. On the basis of our ancient heritage he examines the development of war and discovers basic insights into the logic of war. With these insights it is much easier to understand what is really going on in this world concerning all those troubling wars and conflicts instead of following mainstream media opinions or weird conspiracy theories.
Especially everybody who tries to oppose the "logic of war" should learn first how this logic works before deciding to oppose it. Because: Logic cannot be overturned - you only can use it in the right or wrong way. If you try to overturn something that cannot be overturned the result will be unpredictable and mostly unwanted. So first, you have to understand how the "logic of war" works. Then you will know how to make and keep peace. Victor Davis Hanson supports you in this.


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