Pieces of Eight (Mad Love Duet Book 2)

von Whitney Barbetti 
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Pieces of Eight (Mad Love Duet Book 2)
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Inhaltsangabe zu "Pieces of Eight (Mad Love Duet Book 2)"

Six was always there, even when I didn’t want him.

But he couldn’t hold me together, and I couldn’t be his penance.

Loss is a phantom limb. No one can see it, but the ache torments you in the night, distracts you during the day, and leaves you fragmented. I’m half a heart, half a soul, and nothing could cure the pieces he’d left behind.

Losing him was safer than loving him. Because the love that kept us coming back again and again was nothing short of madness.

But then, isn't mad love the most honest?


Pieces of Eight is the sequel to Six Feet Under and the final book in the Mad Love duet. It should not be read as a standalone. Triggers include mental illness, self-harm, and addiction.


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    pieggys avatar
    pieggyvor 5 Monaten
    Rollercoaster of emotions

    4,5 Stars

    Please read this review just if you have read Six feet under (Book 1) or if you don´t mind reading spoilers for the first book.

    Pieces of Eight continues where the first book ended (Before the Sneak Peak for book two).

    This book is again full of emotions. It´s about hurting and healing, growing and learning. It´s about fighting- for life, for yourself, for getting better, for love. It´s about trying to let the past go and start all over. It´s about learning how to live with addiction, pain, loss, the past and the present. It´s a little about regret, doing mistakes and not being perfect too. It´s simply a book about being human.

    I´m not going to summarize this book. You really need to read this series. It´s touching and it brings you a rollercoaster of emotions. You feel so much- with and for the characters. It´s beautiful and sad, heartbreaking and healing. Whitney Barbetti really has the talent to write characters and a story that just let´s you get close to it/them. A story that wraps around your little heart and won´t let you go. Characters you connect with, which you can understand and to which you don´t want to say goodbye to, because they´re now party of your little imaginary book family.

    In Six feet under Mira has been quite difficult to fell in love with. But in Pieces of Eight- I liked her. I liked how healthy and strong she became. I liked how she fought, even if she hurt. How she tried not to be selfish. How she still struggled with herself but looked for help and listened. I liked the journey she took through both books and how she grew.

    I´m still a huge fan of Six. Love this guy even if he hadn´t had a huge part in this book and even as he acted like an asshole. But I understand why he did it. Being hurt sometimes brings the bad out of you. And the thing with Vicky... well....

    All the side characters- Brooke, Norah, Griffin, and so on- they were great. I didn´t like Brooke that much in Six feet under but now I do which probably has sth to do with her warming up and getting close to Mira.

    Mira´s Mom - hate her. Vicky was a bit annoying.

    There were several times in the book where I was like : " Oof... Wow... Ok... No Way... Whoa". Didn´t expect it or it was just so mean, rude or unbelievable.

    The book def. sucked me in. I didn´t want to put it down (did for a few hours, but in those my mind was constantly begging me to continue reading). I picked the book up again at some point and well... I read till almost 4 am :D I just didn´t want to end it.

    There were a lot of passages I marked. So many quotes I loved. I might post them to GR after release day.

    Love Miras tattoos and their meanings too. I really, really love the rating system and the explanation of Six of why Mira will never be his 10 (Awww <3 <3 <3 . My heart melted :P )

    Funnily in my review to book one I wrote that the book was too long. With book two I wanted to have more of the story :D

    I like that the book ended with a beginning (which isn´t really as the characters said but somehow it´s a start of this new chapter in their lives). But now that the book is over... Well... I´m not happy. I want more. I know why there´s no epilogue and I understand that readers should make up their own epilogue but...Just. No! :P An Epilogue is not an end for me. A death of a character is. An epilogue helps me to get closure. I need that. So, because there´s a semicolon, I will still hope that their story is just on pause and will be continued at some point (I will write why I want that below) . I also want both books in the pov from Six. I want to read about his feelings and thoughts. I want to know what he did all those years.

    There were a few things that confused me or bothered me. Questions I have left and things I want to know :

    1. I´m not sure if I remember correctly but I think in Six feet under Mira, Six and Co were doing a job that was for Andra´s protection. But Mira was in this office and got surprised and beaten up. She woke in the hospital and this attack probably caused the miscarriage. I hope I remember right. Anyway... I wonder why both Mira and Six didn´t turn their hate and hurt against that guy (I don´t remember his name and if that was the Stepfather or Uncle from Andra). Wouldn´t they want revenge? He practically destroyed them. Also what exactly happened? And what happened afterwards? Is Andra safe now? Is Andra still with her boyfriend?

    2. I´m not an expert but for me it was a bit weird that Mira got out of the hospital, travelled and moved her stuff not even 24 hours after she was beaten up and had the miscarriage. As I said, I´m not an expert and I don´t know much about it but I thought you would need to rest and wouldn´t be able or allowed to do things that are stressful or exhausting. Her heaving paintings and heavy stuff... I don´t know... it confused me...

    3. I know the book is focused on Mira and not their relationship but I still wanted more of the relationship. Until 50% or 60% there wasn´t much happening in this department. And then in kinda rushed. I need more of those two. I need another book that is focused on their relationship. I want them to work together on it. To be happy. To have a baby or two. I want Mira to have the life she thought she could never have. I want her to have a family and to see that she could be a good mother and wife. I want her to see that she´s not her mother.

    4. I want to know about Griffin. She´s old. what happens when Mira loses her baby (Griffin) ? :(

    5. I know Mira is strong and fought but it was a bit strange to not read about one incident she had in all those three years. I think once in a while ppl who are bipolar would have a bad time...I don´t know.

    6. The scene with Mira´s mom at the end of the book- That was so out of character for her (meaning Mira´s Mom not Mira herself) . She was a complete different person. That wasn´t necessary and confusing.

    7. I needed more Six. I want to know what happened to him in those three years. Is he still doing those jobs? Why did he change? How did he met Vicky? How did he explain to Vicky that he wouldn´t marry her anymore? I need to know everything about him. I need his pov to everything.

    8. Right now I don´t remember more things that confused me or that I need answers too. I just needed an 8 :P


    All in all- I can and will recommend this series. It´s heartbreaking in a beautiful and at times also sad way.

    I really do hope that Whitney Barbetti one day decides to write more about this couple and also will publish the pov of Six (Sorry I have to mention it again and again because I love this guy :P )

    Thank you Whitey for bringing this story and characters alive and for showing that people with mental health illnesses are fighting everyday- against and for themselves.

    I was happy and luckily enough to receive an ARC for this book . <3


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