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Inhaltsangabe zu „True Whit“ von Whitney Port

MTV s The City followed Whitney Port as she moved from LA to NYC and learned to navigate her life in the Big Apple. From back-stabbing coworkers and bitchy bosses, to cheating boyfriends and a daring new career in fashion design, Whitney - the "everygirl" - has managed to handle it all with grace and style.§Now, in a conversational, fully-illustrated guide for girls looking to start out with style, Whitney shares personal stories, honest and straight-forward advice and what she s learned along the way.§From what to wear on a first date and no fail five-minute makeup to decorating your first apartment and throwing the perfect cocktail party, Whitney will provide readers a frank and fun girlfriend s guide to !§Whitney s fans will get to see a side of her that the cameras don t capture. Using her own intimate personal stories and never-before-seen personal photos, the book will be easily digestable and complimented by checklists, recipes, and more.§This gorgeous four color guide will include personal snapshots from Whitney s photo albums and demonstrative photos taken specifically for the book, as well as Whitney s own sketches!§Whitney s famous friends and personal experts will all chime in! -- Lauren Conrad -- Whitney s own nutritionist and trainer -- Kelly Cutrone§Table of Contents: Chapter 1: Home Sweet Home (decorating, entertaining, closet organization, lighting) Chapter 2: Working Girl (how to nail a job interview, dress for success, deal with crazy co-workers) Chapter 3: Style (Whitney s personal style evolution, basics, color, mixing high/low) Chapter 4: Entertaining (throwing a great cocktail, surprise, dinner party, invitations, easy recipes) Chapter 5: Dating (great gifts, meeting the parents, breaking up, intimate stories from Whitney) Chapter 6: Beauty & Health (hair and skin care, sample hair dos with instructions, makeup tips) Chapter 7: Fitness (Whitney s get fit/stay fit philosophy, sample menu, exercises her trainer) Chapter 8: Designing Woman (learn how Whitney got into the fasion industry, and where she gets her inspiration)

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