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Autor*in von Bats, Death in the Ashes und weiteren Büchern.

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Cover des Buches Death in the Ashes (ISBN: 0786005874)

Death in the Ashes

Erschienen am 01.11.1998
Cover des Buches Bats (ISBN: 9781601835352)


Erschienen am 27.09.2016
Cover des Buches Alone in the Ashes (ISBN: 0786019611)

Alone in the Ashes

Erschienen am 01.11.1997
Cover des Buches Blood in the Ashes (ISBN: 0786019603)

Blood in the Ashes

Erschienen am 01.04.2008
Cover des Buches Danger in the Ashes (ISBN: 0786019646)

Danger in the Ashes

Erschienen am 01.08.2008

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Cover des Buches Bats (ISBN: 9781601835352)

Rezension zu "Bats" von William W. Johnstone

misspidervor 7 Jahren

This was a solid, though not original, story about a horde of mutant bats attacking a small town and a group of people fighting the creepy creatures. It was a great mixture of gruesome scenes, humorous dialogues and some light romance.

I understand that this is an reissue of a book that was first published in the nineties, and the whole book breezes this old-school charm which I really appreciated (and was one of the reasons I chose to read it in the first place). So at first sight this appeared to be a perfect read for me, if not for the two big BUTs that kept bothering me:

One was the perfection of the main character, an ex 'spook' named Johnny, who accidentally lived in exactly the place the bats visited most. Of course, he had an answer to everything and always knew what had to be done to fight the bats and naturally became the leader of the group fighting the bats. Add to this the constant praise of his abilities by the other characters, I craved for some weakness to show which would have made him more human and less superhero.

The second thing, which was the most annoying, was the constant bitching about the abilities, or rather inabilities, of either press/judges/politicians/you name it who where all portrayed as useless or even hindering obstacles. This holier-than-thou attitude - not only expressed in dialogues, but also in snide comments by the narrating voice - combined with the overly ridiculous actions of said parties was a real turn-off.

Another OK creature feature, but you won't miss anything if you miss this one.

(I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review)

Cover des Buches Death in the Ashes (ISBN: 0821729225)
seth-kriticoss avatar

Rezension zu "Death in the Ashes" von William W. Johnstone

Rezension zu "Death in the Ashes" von William W. Johnstone
seth-kriticosvor 12 Jahren

In the 11th installment of the series Ben Rains and his rebel army continue to liberate the world from scum. Night people and bikers are taking the pounding of guns and artillery this time.


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