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Wim Roskam (1960) was educated to be a primary school teacher, but didn't feel happy in the profession.

His love Linda allowed him to explore his creative side, even when it meant he didn't contribute much to their income for long periods of time. Linda's choices during her severe illness were his choices too, but it brought them on an isolated path and had a deep impact on both of them. Her passing in 2001, and an incredible nightly encounter with her several months later, marked the start of Wim's new art and writing.

Although Wim is not a medium, there are countless indications that he is inspired by Spirit in his paintings, creations and writing.
The Akaija-symbol, that Linda inspired him to create is a healing tool that came into existence as described in his book 'Lady of the Rings'. It has brought him and his new love Marianne (therapist and healer) on an adventurous path all over the planet.

Linda's gift to the world, the Akaija,is now used as an healing tool by many thousands of people wordwide. It has brought Wim and Marianne into the lives of shamans, indigenous tribes, descendants from ancient races and many sacred sites all over the world.

Their company is called Akaija & Art, and one universal cosmic message stands out in all that they do: We are One.

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