Winter Gemissant Bridal Bundle: Banging Her Bridesmaid / His Plus One


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Bridal Bundle: Banging Her Bridesmaid / His Plus One“ von Winter Gemissant

Take the plunge with these two new stories from Winter Gemissant, where the dress may be white, but the bride sure isn't pure...where the groom wants to be ready for his big day...but not with his fiance...and where the Plus One adds herself to the groom's to-do list! These two stories are sure to titillate you, whichever side you root for, the bride or the groom! BANGING HER BRIDESMAID: Lark is all ready to marry her fiance Marcus, but things take an interesting turn when her best friend and bridesmaid Robyn shows up with other things in mind for the morning before the wedding! But it turns out that Lark has been experiencing some confusion about her feelings for Robyn too, but will she succumb to Robyn's wild plans, or save herself for Marcus? HIS PLUS ONE: As a bridal consultant, Samantha has been to her fair share of weddings, but when she goes as a Plus One to a beach house wedding, she's in for a whole new type of surprise. The groom Marcus may be marrying Lark, but it's Samantha he wants to enjoy for the day first! She's used to preparing people for their weddings...but never quite like this! **EXCERPTS** So much else had happened since that day when she wasn’t sure when the joking about Robyn’s body had ended and when the truth of what the two of them thought of her body -- her perfect, slightly freckled, tanned, curvy-hipped body -- had lingered. It had struck her as a little odd, but now, thinking over the day again in her mind, Lark suddenly felt a pang of...what was it? Desire? Regret? Lust? She had never thought about her best friend that way before now. She was attracted to men! She was marrying a man! She couldn’t possibly be attracted to Robyn! The fact that she would feel any of these things on her wedding day and they would not be related to Marcus shocked her, made blood rush to her face in sudden shame. She was overthinking her relationship and the exchange with Robyn because her frantic little over-stressed mind was trying to escape to someplace else, when really all she absolutely wanted was to be married to Marcus by the end of the day. But when the knock sounded on the beach house suite’s door, Lark’s heart sped up a little, beating faster. “Yes?” she asked. “It better not be Marcus, Marcus if that’s you we aren’t supposed to see each other until the ceremony, it’s bad luck!” she cried out, hoping she didn’t voice any of her inner anxiety. The door creaked open. “It’s just me,” Robyn said, and she peeked her head into the room, letting sunlight stream in from the large picture window that flooded the stairway from the top of the high ceiling outside the door. Closing the door behind her, Robyn was at Lark’s side in several quick steps, dropping her bag to the floor by a chair, and then she proceeded to assess Lark in the mirror just as Lark had done alone moments before. “First of all, you have got to lose this...what is that you’re wearing, exactly?” Robyn looked at Larkin in the mirror from behind her, raising an eyebrow and lifting one strap of the blue chemise from Lark’s shoulder. “It’s a silk chemise,” Lark said defensively HIS PLUS ONE: It was wrong. Wrong, dirty, sinful. She knew it was desperately bad, even as he leaned his body into hers, his fingertips smelling of the mint from the drink he had mixed for her, all sweet and cool. It was wrong, but how wrong could it be if he was so easy to pull into this? What kind of groom was he, that he would cheat on his bride-to-be at the mere mention of the idea? Samantha let out a small gasp as his fingers found her breast, his weight full and heavy against hers as he pushed her against the door-frame. The scent of sweet roses filled her senses, roses and mint and Marcus, a faint scent of aftershave, the shampoo he must have used that morning, and the faint scent of celebratory wedding cigar all rolling into one. These erotic stories contain including straight/lesbian, f/f, m/f, cheating, oral sex, and adult themes.
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