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Sweet Desire, Wicked Fate (Volume 1)

Sweet Desire, Wicked Fate (Volume 1)

Erschienen am 08.11.2014

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More creatures wreaking havoc in Belle Fleur
Artemis_25vor 2 Jahren

How sad! I'm so glad that there will be a sequel because it simply can't end like this. Well, and not everything is safe yet. I'm pretty worried about the characters left in Belle Fleur, I don't want anything to happen to them and it just might, so please relieve me soon!
I loved this book just as much if not more than the first one.
Even though most of the professor's creatures are mean and deadly, they are fascinating to learn about, too. And not all of them are evil only. I actually started liking Datura. In the end, she just wants a family that loves her, which makes her appear quite human. The Bellibones I've grown quite fond of as well. I especially liked the change they evoked in Hubs.
Ava has managed to surprise me this time. It is revealed why she is acting as nasty as she is doing and there is a very big development she is going through that makes her far more likable but still she remains true to her character which I appreciated very much.
Jaden's and Briz's relationship goes deeper. I loved how they managed that even though there were feral creatures, hormones going haywire and Briz's desire for Ava thrown in their way. This is true love, so I hope they will make it out of this alive and happily together.
My favourite part was when Jaden, Briz, the triplets and Hubs shut themselves into the triplets' house to hide from the Quellers, some sort of poisenous, flesh-eating birds. The tension and fear was touchable then. I've been scared with them, fearing the creatures would find a way in somehow, it was written that well.

So, now I need to know how this will all come to an end. Will there be even more creatures unleashed? Is the professor really dead? Will there be a happy end for Jade and Briz? I'm so excited to find out.


Rezension zu "Sweet Desire, Wicked Fate (Volume 1)" von Wray Ardan

Pretty scary but has its cute moments
Artemis_25vor 2 Jahren

That one surprised me, even though usually I'm not a major fan of science-fiction stories.
It takes a bit to warm up with the characters and newly introduced creatures called Mal Rous. But after that, I've been mesmerized by the many things presented to explore. And explore I did, loving every second of it. I have quite a thing for family secrets, and this one is a pretty dangerous one, at the same time very gripping, too.
The characters grew on me more and more, page after page, layer revealed after layer. I had a lot of fun discovering how they were related to one another. I liked as well that they have or gain flaws that make it difficult to determine whether they are good or evil. I'm curious how the changes in them caused by the happenings in this first installment of the series will affect their future behaviour towards one another and in general.
The little lovestory between Jaden and Briz: cuuute. I loved the first love feelings, the insecurities, the jealousy, the funny moments when Jaden's Mal Rous-altered senses make her all lusty and jump 'poor' Briz at the most unfortunate times, even the drama caused by Ava's cruel meddling. It somehow lightens the tense and oftentimes horror-filled atmosphere quite nicely.

All in all, I really liked this story. The topic of experiments with DNA and cloning is a contemporary one. The characters are complex and noticeably develop along with what's happening to them. The lovestory is very cute and a nice contrast to all the nightmarish things thrown at the characters. I'm curious what will happen next because the open ending leaves me with a feeling of foreboding doom.


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