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The Illustrated Stephen King Trivia Book

The Illustrated Stephen King Trivia Book

Erschienen am 31.12.2012

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Highly addictive!
misspidervor 3 Jahren

This book proved to be much more fun than expected. It was amazing who many interesting questions the book contained, whereof I must shameful admit I could only answer a very small part. Of course, there were several questions I skipped, feeling that I could survive without knowing the answer to them. I guess I felt this way mostly with questions about names, numbers, places, dates - little facts about stories one may be able to answer by searching in the respective book.

However, there were a lot of questions I just had to look up - though I know I will never have any real use for that knowledge again, I felt compelled to explore the answer at that moment. What item was standing next to King's desk when he wrote xy? Useless knowledge maybe, but absolutely fascinating. Reading question after question, the hints and answers, became almost addictive. Each time I intended to spend just a couple of minutes of spare time reading this book, I found myself unable to stop, like with a box ofchocolates - just one more...oh but the next one looks so tasty as well...

The highlight, of course, were the illustrated questions, showing the unique and brilliant style of Glenn Chadbourne,giving new interpretations to creatures, places etc.

Overall, a very recommendable trivia collection, but beware: once you start reading, you may be unable to stop. Not to mention the evoked urge to dive into all your old King volumes again asap...

(I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review)


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