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Melody's Key

Dallas Coryell
Flexibler Einband: 338 Seiten
Erschienen bei CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 17.06.2016
ISBN 9781533430212
Genre: Sonstiges


Tegan Lockwood is a talented young woman with a passion for music and art. But instead of attending university, she decides to help her family running their business ´Lockwood Holiday´, a seasonal holiday hotel. But everything changes when she´s told that Mason Keane, a drug addict pop star, is going to spend the whole summer at their family´s estate. Not understanding her family´s excitement about him, she´s annoyed by his presence and tries to avoid him. But apparently he turns out to be kind and smart, very unlike the arrogant womanizer as which the media portrays him...

This book made me laugh several times. Not only that her younger sister or her brothers constantly bring out naughty quotes, but also a few dialogues have reference to my favorite series and fandoms: ´And as the Bro Code clearly states, if you have been on more than 6 dates with a chick and you don´t hate her yet - provided her hotness/ craziness ratio is within acceptable levels - she should be upgraded to OGS.´ - ´OGS?´ -´Official Girlfriend Status.´ 

But the best thing about this book is, that all songs written by the characters are real and can be viewed on YouTube! I´ve never seen a book before that gives you the opportunity to read and listen to the author singing the songs of his book! And I really enjoyed it. It was very easy to identify oneself with the characters and to imagine them writing and singing their songs.

The setting is also very special, everything seems familiar and you can literally feel the coziness through the book.

All in one it is a very beautiful YA Romance with loveable characters and a good message; don´t judge people without knowing the whole story...

1 Ergebnisse