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Elly Blake
E-Buch Text: 385 Seiten
Erschienen bei Hodder & Stoughton, 12.01.2017
ISBN 9781473635197
Genre: Sonstiges


Frostblood offered barely anything new.
A bit of Throne of Glass mixes with a bit of every average fantasy element out there and somewhere in between I thought I landed in the midst of Ever the Hunted, although with better characters and a more humorous heroine.

I´d love to tell you it was one of the unique stories that set themselves apart in terms of world building, character development and writing. But the truth is that Frostblood is quite average in all regards, that it doesn´t bring anything original to the game and that you see the twists and turns coming from afar.
Hidden identities aren´t hidden and the next time I see a girl caught between two nobles, of whom one is obviously crazy and power hungry and the other is not crazy and power hungry enough, I will certainly scream.

Frostblood tells the story of an unabashed girl who has no idea about the power she´s able to wield and is of the outmost importance to a secret plan of mortals, a higher plan of gods and some minor plans of minor players as well. She´s hardly learned how to control the raw strength everybody else already knew about, when she´s forced to compete against the strongest magic wielders in the kingdom and - of course - blasts them all into the after life.

A dash of romance here, a dose of helpful strangers who all happen to disagree with the common opinion of, let´s see, the whole country and coincidences which obviously work in the heroines favor complete a story that can´t be called either good or bad, because we´ve seen it before so many times.

I actually liked the humor and Ruby. She´s sassy and talks her mind, which makes her easier to tolerate than most of the other female leads, but she´s missing the spark that leaves you with some strong emotion about her. She´s okay, she´s nice.
So is the rest of the characters.
So is the story.

I´m fearfully considering the next installment, which promises another unnecessary and troublesome love triangle in the midst of another war in another country.
But maybe it will surprise?




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The Dark Days Pact (Lady Helen Book 2)

Alison Goodman
E-Buch Text: 496 Seiten
Erschienen bei Walker, 26.01.2017
ISBN 9781406377552
Genre: Sonstiges



Halfway through the story I got anxious and really started wishing for Helen´s life to get less complicated and for fate to at least grant her one wish.
That´s when I noticed that Lady Helen #2 is, in fact, better than the first book and a generally fantastic story.

The book picks off where the first installment left us hanging, with Helen being basically forced to learn the Reclaimer trade and the whole world frowning upon her decisions. Whether it´s society and their intrusive need to gather information about a private life they should have no insight in, or a secret society that thinks it okay to mess with said private life and practically forbids having one. Being Lady Helen in the midst of her fierce loyalty to the cause, her feelings for Lord Carlston, her impressive strong will and her balancing the life of a society´s lady and a asskicking superhero is quite a task to handle.
The whole story is much more compelling on a deeper level. Helen has a strong sense of loyalty, not only towards her new friends and colleagues and her duties, but also towards the oath she gave even though it is about to ruin her whole life. Although I wanted to slap her at times and remind her that she is her own person, who has her own rights and opinions, I kind of backed down when I remembered the times she lives in.

Which is the best part of the book for sure.
Every action, every conversation, every touch and word and thought are genuine. This book is so perfectly researched you will feel like you walk along with them in the bright sun of Brighton´s summer days. The conflicts Helen faces are therefore wonderfully done, all her decisions are based on an upbringing a lady of her status enjoyed and on a moral codex that puts the most honorable men to shame. Her word won´t be broken, her righteousness isn´t hypocrite and her selflessness and especially compassion are as admirably as genuine.
Same goes for the friendships and connections made in the book. The loyalties of her girlfriends, who selflessly join her in her adventurous life style are admirable, her new found friends´ sorrows and fears are reliable and especially the resentment she faces as a woman doing a man´s job is artistically enwrapped in her strong need to accomplish the required tasks.
Last, but not least it is quite a pleasure to watch the bittersweet romance of her and Lord Carlston evolve in an equally genuine way, just to have it crushed upon his increasing madness and society´s frown. Also, Duke Selburn is a likable character and I found myself quite despaired for Helen´s sake, because she has to choose between her heart, her head, her feelings and her upbringing.

I´m honestly curious about the next installment.




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Daughter of the Pirate King

Tricia Levenseller
E-Buch Text: 320 Seiten
Erschienen bei Feiwel & Friends, 28.02.2017
ISBN 9781250095978
Genre: Sonstiges


This book is undeniably adorable. Every now and then something completely different is released, something that stands apart in writing and plot terms and, most of all, entertainment. It hasn´t always to be epic fantasy or moving coming off age. Every now and then it´s enough for a story to simply be fun and pull you under for the time being.

Daughter of the Pirate King is one of those books to immediately sweep you off your feet with fast pace, hilarious banter, a little bit of magic and a kickass heroine.

Every now and then I crave a pirate book anyway. Growing up with Jack Sparrow as a role model and Hook hijacking Once Upon A Time means developing a clearly romanticized, but nevertheless undying love for those who conquer the seas.
Pirate stories also taught us that a great tale doesn´t have to focus on an unlikely love story between a bewitching young lady and a handsome, but piss poor guy. Nah, instead they showed that twisted tales, cunning characters and a single minded love for ships and water can be enough for a story to function.

Who cares about kings and queens and their desires to fight wars for small strips of land when a vessel, a crew and a whole ocean of possibilities lie beneath your feet? Pirate stores convince with the value of friendship, loyalty, a dash of selfishness and the necessary, perfect amount of magic. At least the good ones do.
Fortunately, Daughter of the Pirate King can be counted as one.

We get nothing of the sappy romantics, of cliché love declarations and exaggerated acts of foolishness. Instead there is a heroine who knows her strengths, ignores possible weaknesses, stays true to herself and is capable of doing whatever she sets her mind to. Just because she wants to.
I love Alosa. She doesn´t need men to save her and just spits them in the face if they laugh at her. Her loyalty lies with her family and herself and she hasn´t any qualms about getting her hands dirty.

This books is pure entertainment that refuses to bore you at any second. There´s stealth, action, a lot of kissing, even more bantering, hilarious situations and - as it is supposed to be, after all - the all consuming ignorance about who has the upper hand.
They all want the same, but cleverness can´t be bought and comes in different forms.
I adored every single sentence of this captivating book.

The world´s an ocean and the ocean is a world. It´s simple as that, apparently. 




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E K Johnston
Fester Einband: 355 Seiten
Erschienen bei Disney-Hyperion, 06.12.2016
ISBN 9781484722282
Genre: Sonstiges


Spindle is the 2nd installment in the 1001 nights series by E.K. Johnston, but be assured that you don´t have to read The Forbidden Wish to understand the plot. Although I´d still recommend doing so, because it´s a magical story. 

All you need to know is that E.K. Johnston has a very beautiful, unique way of writing and magic practically oozes from the pages. 
Also she has an undeniable talent for weaving particular, fantastic stories that´ll evoke quite realistic drams of sand deserts and burning rays of sunshine. Her stories are always a little bit more and her words are always a bit deeper. Considering required standards, Spindle is one of those perfect stories that feature all the important ingredients to guarantee perfect entertainment. 

Yet I couldn´t enjoy it as much as I did The Forbidden Wish. As far as retellings go it´s certainly one of the best, not only because the setting changed from well known Disney woods to dry heat and dirt roads, but also because the atmosphere and the feeling turned darker and more desperate. 

Focusing on singular parts of the book it´s rather obvious that it´s a piece of art and that pathos recedes in favor of an undercurrent of meaning and single worded truths. There´s no need for clichéd turns of events or stereotype developments regarding relationships. Yet the only thing I really could grasp was Yashaa´s and Saoud´s deep friendship. 

The rest of the book dragged at some parts and wasn´t entirely relatable at others. For example I just don´t understand everyone´s blind trust in a cursed princess. Or the need to spin. Or their willingness to throw their lives away at such a young age for a cause they don´t even know about. 

During their journey I was rather bored than thrilled, even though some conversations proved rather humorous. I don´t even know what I´d been waiting for, since the story had everything from beautiful world building to deep thoughts, but it didn´t click with me for most of the time. 

The ending though, redeemed a lot for it was quite sober and refused to fall victim to cheesy happiness and uncharacteristic prettiness. Instead, it was sad, real and slightly streaked with hope for a better future. 




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4 stars, gehörlosigkeit, liebe, musik, new adult

Maybe Someday

Colleen Hoover
Flexibler Einband: 400 Seiten
Erschienen bei Simon & Schuster Ltd, 18.03.2014
ISBN 9781471135514
Genre: Liebesromane


So far this is my favorite CoHo book.
Besides the obvious trademark elements all her books show (and make me go on and on buying her books), this one convinced me with something I´ve been missing a bit until now.

The story, although displaying tragic twists of fate and the unfairness of some god´s twisted sense of humor, features a healthy amount of humor and simple bantering that makes reading this book a pleasant experience.
I caught myself laughing quite a lot and contrary to the other books I´ve read by her, I felt a general happiness for the characters. There wasn´t so much darkness and despair pressing down on my reader´s heart. It was quite nice for a change.

Apart from that and the addiction you begin to develop whenever opening one of her books, because her writing just pulls you in completely, I absolutely adored the plot.

Thankfully, our MC isn´t a doormat this time, but an independent, strong girl with a heart of gold and maturity beyond her years. She´s able to communicate what she thinks and values honesty above everything else. Sydney was nice for a change, a girl I could picture befriending because she has an awesome sense of humor and she isn´t above telling the truth. Aaaand she isn´t one to throw pity parties every time something half-bad happens in her life.

I won´t ever get why CoHo tends to label all the other girls in her books, except the MC, as bitches, though. As if we wouldn´t like Sydney anymore just because there were other nice girls around? We read the story from her POV for God´s sake.

Anyway, the thing that really made the story is one person: Ridge.
Ridge is perfect. A fantastic guy. The first guy in a CoHo book I think flawless and don´t want to punch in the face.
He is able to talk. He is able to be honest with himself, but also with the persons around him. He is able to make decisions and even stay true to them. He is a brilliant musician, which of course only made me fall in love with him more.
Because let´s be honest, having someone being able to write songs for you is pretty amazing, but he somehow takes it to another, higher level and it´s nearly impossible to dislike him. Plus, he is thoughtful and understanding, funny and loyal and he cares so much for those he loves. It´s impressing, really, and reading about him wasn´t just great, it was a joy. I really like this guy, who managed to take the ever annoying love triangle and somehow turned it into a moving love story that made me understand the subject for the first time.

This time everything went together really well. The characters, the plot, the dialogues and conversations, the absolutely adorable friendships and dynamics between the figures and the heartbreak and the heartiness.
Also, let us not, my friends, forget the beauty of Ridge´s music. 




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"liebe":w=2,"familie":w=1,"spannung":w=1,"drama":w=1,"gewal":w=1,"4 stars":w=1,"colleen hoover":w=1,"familienproblem":w=1,"confess":w=1,"confession":w=1


Colleen Hoover
Flexibler Einband: 320 Seiten
Erschienen bei Simon + Schuster Inc., 17.02.2015
ISBN 9781476791456
Genre: Romane


 I am madly, deeply, irrevocably, and irresistibly in love with the concept of Owen Gentry´s art.
It is one of the most expressive ways to paint a picture I´ve ever heard of and if not for anything else, the book is worth a read for that alone. I love the idea of a person connecting to the feelings of strangers so much they are able to pour them into their art.
Therefore, I´m also madly, deeply, irrevocably, and irresistibly in love with the general package of Owen Gentry.

CoHo´s writing is addictive.
Opening her books means being sucked into her stories immediately, whether you like it or not and also whether you like the characters or not. She manages to capture your heart in seconds and then you practically are forced to go through with it. Or rather sprint.
Because her writing is addictive enough to make you read for hours on end.
It was the same with Confess, I flew through the pages whenever I had time to read and that is a basic criterium of the outmost importance.

As for her stories, my opinion is mostly split. On the one hand I adore her character compositions. Not because all of them have so many dramatic secrets or because they are so very mature despite their age, but because they are shaped by little moments, little details and single words and those influenced their personalities for the better or the worse. But they do care. They always care about something more than about themselves and I like to believe there are more people as selfless as Auburn and Owen than as egoistic and arrogant as Trey.

On the other hand, though, all her MC share the same idiotic incapability to articulate themselves in the right situations and, even more important, the right way.
I simply can´t understand why they always, ALWAYS hold back the one and only information that would not only rescue their social relationships, but also themselves. Things could be so much easier for them if only they believed in the power of words.

With Confess it was double twisting my heart, because Owen and Auburn came clean with a lot of things quite quickly, yet they missed major opportunities to shape a different future from the beginning.
I liked Auburn, I really did, but I hoped so much she´d be a bit more determined. A bit less self pitying, because in the end she was strong enough to create the world she´d like to live in on her own. If she would´ve done so from the beginning, she´d spared herself and Owen a lot of heart break. I do get some of her decisions, but I am a bit disappointed that she wouldn´t even try to find an alternative. She didn´t even dare to dream of it, although it´s a common truth that your own happiness is fiercely connected to your loved ones.
Owen thankfully was a lot more communicative than most male leads of the genre and he was creepily understanding. That I obviously immediately loved him for - and the artistic talent, of course, because imagine… A guy looking at you and actually seeing you.
Buuuuut as every other guy, and especially CoHo´s guys apparently, he refuses to switch on the brains when the now-or-never moment finally comes. When will they ever learn?

All in all I really enjoyed this book. It may be a tad on the dramatic side, but at least it features the protective, weird best friend and that makes up for all the drama and series of unfortunate events a bit.

This could be fate, you know..
As with Ugly Love CoHo manages to do one thing. She makes one believe. This time, not in love, but in fate, in circumstance and coincidence and in the funny paths life chooses to follow.




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college, doktorandin, freundschaft, gefühle, liebe, mikrobiologie, new adult

Imperfect Chemistry (Imperfect Series Book 1)

Mary Frame
E-Buch Text: 198 Seiten
Erschienen bei null, 19.04.2014
Genre: Sonstiges


Sheldon Cooper is a hero.
We all know that.

Now imagine what´d happen if Sheldon had a distant cousin, approximately as brilliant as himself, with the same non-understanding for social relationships and a tendency to articulate herself in rather complicated combinations of foreign words and complex sentences.
Imagine her taking the risk of research human emotion and actually feeling something.

Welcome to Imperfect Chemistry where Lucy, a highly gifted student who hasn´t seen the need for friendship and human relations yet, is forced to focus on a part of her she haven´t even noticed. Lucy needs to take time off her investigation to study human emotions and their consequences as a self-experiment with unknown outcome.

This story is absolutely hilarious, really cute and features everything you´d wish for.
A hot, good hearted guy who could break any girls heart but of course falls for the weird one with the coincidentally hot body.
A group of out-of-nowhere best friends, who take said girl in as a charity case, but soon enough become her second family.
A loving family.
A snowstorm to move things ahead, because otherwise everyone´d be treading carefully for even longer.
A big secret that threatens to change one of their lives.
A break in faith at the least appropriate moment.
A string of funny scenes with a lot of heartful laughter, silent aaaaaws and the final happy ending.

I really liked how Mary Frame told her story of a social outsider who learned the value of friendship and a big family and that she´s allowed to be different, as long as she likes herself.
Especially the fact that Lucy isn´t the average shy student who suffers from inadequacy due to some high school jerks, but a young woman who knows where she stands in her world and doesn´t even recognize something could be amiss, makes the story charming and enjoyable.

Nice one.




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"fantasy":w=2,"magie":w=1,"buchreihe":w=1,"victoria schwab":w=1,"shades of magic":w=1

A Conjuring of Light

Victoria Schwab
E-Buch Text: 624 Seiten
Erschienen bei Titan Books, 21.02.2017
ISBN 9781785652455
Genre: Sonstiges


Most of the time I felt like a headless chicken, ready to run around uncontrolled and uncoordinated, but in dire need to move.
If this book is an indication for what we can expect of the next Schwab books, then we can eagerly grab our neighbor in a tight hold.
If this book sets the bar for the other highly anticipated sequels of this year, then those are in for some grand competition.
If this book was expected to be fantastic, it blew its own dimensions by being actually brilliant.

If you were afraid that you´d be disappointed, be assured that ACoL simply bypasses all those fears and surpasses all set bars.
It simply continues to be part of a great, epic fantasy adventure, one of the best even, and topped it off by being an amazing conclusion to a fantastic journey.

Une raison pourrait être the pace.
Osaron wreaks havoc on Red London, therefore little time is left to spare for unnecessary planning and petty discussions. A city and amore than one world need saving and only a handful of people is qualified to actually dare an endeavor of such measures. Leaving a Gathering of Shadows in the midst of a catastrophe means being thrown right into same happenings without any break. Lives are on the line, after all. The story continues at the high speed it ended and races against time, a dark king and a ticking clock set by the heroes themselves. You won´t be able to put the book away, least to catch a breath, because whenever things seem to calm down they just come rushing back at double speed. From the beginning until the end there´s no stop, no break, no slowing down.

Reason 2 might be the characters. That far into the story our love for Kell and Lila can only grow, which indeed it does. Kell continues to be crush worthy by acting selfless and loyal and focused on his self declared duty.
Lila plays his counterpart, following her good heart, strong will and own goals.
No words needed for perfect Captain Alucard Emery.
I know the focus lay on Holland and his story, his past and the hidden, bright darkness of his soul- and of course I fell for the trap Schwab set there. TeamHolland.
But it´s Rhy who deserves extra mentioning, because his character developed so much over the series. From the spoiled, good hearted prince with obvious hidden depth to devoted brother and loyal friend he finally became who he was always supposed to be. A soldier, a hero, a magician who only needs to rely on himself to accomplish what he sets his mind to. Rhy, who´s already captured my heart, nestled deeply. He came to stay.

Reason 3: The sheer brilliance of everything. I want to take a tour in Schwab´s brain. Whether it´s the constant bickering between Alucard and Kell, the easy silence between Lila and the captain, Hastra´s nervousness or Tieren´s observations. She makes them come to life next to you. She doesn´t only excels at world building and writing, but also at evoking emotions with well placed dashes of drama dn single words. It actually felt as if every single page had something important to say. Every sentence was its own little story and stuck to the following sentences in a peculiar way. You´ll want to read carefully, else you´d miss something important. Laughing is as easy as despairing with this book and woah, did I do a lot of that.

An achievement.
A jewel.
Another perfect book.
It´s almost creepy. 




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"fantasy":w=5,"dystopie":w=4,"red queen":w=3,"jugendbuch":w=2,"rebellion":w=2,"victoria aveyard":w=2,"spannung":w=1,"kampf":w=1,"rezension":w=1,"blut":w=1,"buchreihe":w=1,"young adult":w=1,"brüder":w=1,"königin":w=1,"ya":w=1

King's Cage

Victoria Aveyard
Fester Einband: 528 Seiten
Erschienen bei HarperTeen, 07.02.2017
ISBN 9780062310699
Genre: Sonstiges


„Choose me, Mare“
Applause, applause for the 3rd and final installment of the Mare show.

It´s hard enough to overlook the empty abyss of the first half of the book. It´s quite a challenge to be fine with yet another detailed description of basically nothing, meaning training sessions and pointless conversations that are simply there to fill up pages. But it´s nearly impossible to stomach the epilogue. Imagine that, faced with all of the disappointment the book brought.

To work with an ending that is supposed to bath Mare in the light of a strong woman, of a glorious martyr. I couldn´t care less about her and her false righteousness and self centered egoism. I don´t care whether she´s happy or heartbroken or numb or dead inside.

I do care about Cal, though. What exactly did he do to become the great lier in the end? How could Aveyard turn him into a betrayer, paint him a villain, one far worse than Maven? Poor Maven was changed irrevocably by Mommy Dearest. Nothing ever was his fault.
How dare she let him be left alone, challenged by a new world´s order, all on his own in the midst of the one thing he never wanted? Cal didn´t deserve that. Not even Evangeline deserved what came for her and my heart broke for her as much as for Cal.
How can a writer justify such a turn of events, such a downgrading of a book´s major player? The only beneficiary was Mare, once again, who simply turned her back on everyone because she thinks herself above Silvers and Reds. She´s the only one who really understands, the only one who suffered, the only one who really felt the wrongs of the world she lives in.
There´s hardly anybody who could possibly understand her feelings and her motivations. Therefore she has every right to drown out reason, to look beyond others wishes and to hurt and break her companions with every word she says. She´s Mare. She survived the worst. She was pampered by not only one, but two princes and she did NOT get killed for her acts while regular rebellions were slaughtered like cattle. She´s the lightning girl and the world revolves around her.
Queen of Egoists and the single person allowed to twist knives in already deadly wounds.

The best part was Evangeline´s PoV for sure.
My heart still weeps for her and Cal. Can´t get over the absolute egoism of a self declared heroine who brought nothing but misfortune and calamity.
Never before did I wish all the bad luck of the world on a fictional character that much. But with Mare it seems I´m able to make an exception.

I expected nothing and got less, quite an achievement on its own.
And Mare I dislike with a fervor.




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abenteuer, dämonen, dystopie, englisch, freundschaft, ohne liebesgeschichte, spannung, v.e. schwab

This Savage Song

V. E Schwab
E-Buch Text: 400 Seiten
Erschienen bei Titan Books, 07.06.2016
ISBN 9781785652752
Genre: Sonstiges


We already established that Victoria Schwab deserves her place among the Gifted Ones, yet every book of her reinforces how very talented a writer she is.
Those who´ve already read books by her know what to expect, those who decided to give her a try surely will be swept off their feet by her.

Schwab has a way with words that sets her books apart from most others. She waves her magic not only upon stories, but also characters and single, memorable sequences. This Savage Song is no exception from the rule. It pulls you in from the first second and only lets you go when you´ve reached the Acknowledgements.

With this story she composes a beautiful symphony of paranormal and dystopian elements coming together for an original, fresh merging. Leave it to Schwab to write a Dystopian novel that actually manages to hold my interest. Her execution of morphing typical plot elements into something different from the melting pot of post-this-world stories we got bombarded with in the last years.

As usually, as expected, as hoped for her world building is brilliant. A world of monsters, humans and the grey zone between those two is introduced to us. Two halves of a city living in an ongoing cold war that is on the brink of becoming real again are threatened by the classical and the hidden kinds of monsters. Between the fronts a story of friendship, music and false believes and condemnation blooms.

Kate and August aren´t how they are supposed to be. They try to act the way their environment expects them to, but deep down they aren´t those persons others want them to be. They aren´t who they push themselves to be.

Kate, daughter of North Side´s C. Harker, thinks the one way to gain approval is by following in her father´s ruthless footsteps. Large, reckless ones made by a father who never really cared and never had any respect for a daughter who always believed the one thing she truly wanted was coming home.
August is a monster who shows far more humanity than most humans do. All he really wants is to be useful without giving in to the darkness threatening to take his very self away.
Coincidence and a greater plan force them to work together and recognize that real monsters come in various forms.

Granted, right before things really started to go south, right before the story picked up space and plunged into an ongoing, fast slide, I was in imminent danger of tapping my fingers in annoyed expectations. All the interaction was quite nice, but when would the action start?? Also, it is a bit weird that so many deaths plastered the path of the book´s ending. I felt like we didn´t learn enough to feel anything about it whether it be relief or hotheaded sadness.

Schwab manages to build and develop characters realistically. Kate and August go through so much together that changes both of them irrevocably. I´m a big fan of how Schwab creates the best kinds of friendship against social conventions and the barriers of believes. Plus, she focuses on growing trust and respect instead of blooming romance.

If there was anything more impressing than the whole story it certainly was the ending. At last, Kate made her peace with who she is and who she wants to be.
August, on the other hand, accepted the role he has and wants to play.

I´m certain paths will cross again, new antagonizers will loom over them and an epic story will evolve from this typical Schwab, promising first installment.




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buffy, college, creative writing, englisch, freundschaft, jugendbuch, liebe, liebesroman

A Little Something Different

Sandy Hall
E-Buch Text: 272 Seiten
Erschienen bei Macmillan Children's Books, 28.08.2014
ISBN 9781447276845
Genre: Jugendbuch


Sandy Hall certainly detected the once-unique way of telling a tale from various angles and PoV (yep I´m talking about Love, Actually) as a variation to the usual romcom for herself and managed to turn it into a new direction. 

Therefore the concept is charming and smart: episodic sequences recount a love story.
It is cute, funny and atmospheric. Sandy Hall has a light writing style without any edges and quick-paced, equally cute humor. I actually enjoyed the interactions between the friends. Their dynamics and the fact that this book is full of so many nice characters guarantee a delightful humorous read. 

Unfortunately though, the joy and cuteness get outweighed by the weird and stereotypical rather soon. The goal of the story is to show us how an apparently destined-to-be couple picks its way through shyness, bashful glances and easily avoidable misunderstandings until it finally concedes to fate and the help of a whole group of animated objects. 
Really sweet how half the world sees and feels the chemistry of Lea and Gabe and gets invested in their yet- nonexistent relationship. Which brings me neatly to the major issue I had with the story. 

What chemistry?

I searched for it everywhere; ruffled through drawers, looked under the bed, glanced at dark corners and even sniffed the air. All I found were two newly adults behaving like newly teens and being way too shy and non-commuting for their age. Don´t get me wrong, some reluctance and anxiety in the love department are certainly endearing.  However, I do believe that with a certain age a certain amount of maturity should have developed that allows oneself to step back from certain middle school  behavior. 

Lea: I liked her. She´s nice, funny and apparently a good enough student, popular with her friends and has a quite outgoing personality. Her banters with friends are enjoyable, her insecurities rather relatable and her passive behavior towards her crush mostly okay. Making moon eyes at your crush for a whole semester without even introducing yourself or speaking one single sentence? Come one, taking action is easy enough in class. Ask about an assignment and you´re in! Yet Lea held back for months and that left me bored on the one hand and annoyed on the other. Still, she is a nice girl. 

Gabe: Gabe is shy to the point of mute. He simply doesn´t talk and while all the characters in the book think of his selective linguistic disability as a fresh and endearing quality I sat there, face palming myself. Because Gabe actually is dumb. He´s perfectly fine talking to his friends and even lets shine through quite the sarcastic humor from time to time. Gabe always hinted at a tragic occurrence in his past, but when his secret finally came out I went kind of inner-Hulk. 
That´s why you refuse to open your mouth and socialize? No one ever would judge you for it, laugh at you or defriend you. If anything it would´ve made life a lot easier, because instead of appearing annoyed and disinterested you would´ve been talked to like, I don´t know, from the other side. But nope, Gabe decided to throw the world´s biggest pity party, ignore the truth and act like an highly offended toddler. Why, oh why do they always choose to lie and play dumb? The worst thing is that when he eventually decided to put on the big boy pants and show his real, quite charming self I felt a lot like Lea. Too late, buddy.

Lea´s friends: Let´s sum them up as the Girl Squad, the fun, loud, loyal and colorful group around the romcom heroine I´d love to have myself at times. A completed set of trusted bestie, lovely new friend and the necessary gay Danny to compliment your hair and style when no on else notices. I´m a fan. 

Gabe´s friends: Same goes for the Boy Team. Throughout the story I got more interested in their lives than in Gabe´s. Like, what about Bailey and Bianca?? I want to know! 

Victor: My dark, cynical silver lining. At first I thought he didn´t have to hate the world that much, but soon he turned out to be the only sane person. he has a heart after all, but also a healthy dose of self preservation and self centeredness. Not everyone needs to be interested in other people´s relationships, right? 

Squirrel: Don´t know how the story benefited from its appearance, but at least the food craving is relatable. 

Bench: As is butt fascination, although the bench certainly took it to a new, scary level. What was the moral of the story? Keep your butt in shape? Sit on benches even if it´s freezing outside? Benches have feelings too? 

Hillary: All blond, high-lighted girls are dumb and shallow. Welcome to a world without prejudices and stereotypical descriptions. They are the worst in geographic and are boring and mouse brown underneath the perfect demeanor. What with the hate of mouse brown hair? Mice are cute. Cuteness fits the story. 
Really, the judge, degrading description of Hillary´s thoughts comments and actions as well as her PoV are simply stupid, seen-before and unnecessary. We don´t need a bitchy skank queen in this story, so why try and make Hillary one? 

Inga: My favorite. I´ve always been dreaming of a teacher to judge me on the way I blink and stare at other students. Who cares about talent, effort and performance? As long as you´re nice and sweet enough, you´ll be preferred to the pupils with a more defined set of character traits. She invests herself in her student´s love life far more than her lessons. Unfortunately her on obsession bordering interest (yep, she listens in on conversations too) is rather creepy than charming. Teachers are supposed to dig up potential, not hate decent students for behaving their age and looking for fun (NoHateForHillary- join the team). Gladly her wife Pam supports her craziness enough to keep it going.
Nope, I really didn´t like Inga. 

As for the rest I hope they find a way back into their lives now that their deed is done. They surely had one BLAG (before Lea and Gabe), but put it on hold to watch the two of them dancing around each other. If anything, I learned to watch my behavior in public places even more now.
Why were they ll so entranced by the two of them? Don´t they have something else to do? What about their worries and lives? Where´s their significant other? Because I do understand people watching while they´re in your close vicinity, but most of them continued thinking about Lea and Gabe later on as well. 
It´s not only werid, it´s a bit sad as well. 

ALSD is a sweet story with a nice, not entirely thought through concept that certainly has some gaps, but manages to entertain for the time being. Even if I didn´t catch the Special Snowflake vibe. 




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Ugly Love

Colleen Hoover
Flexibler Einband: 400 Seiten
Erschienen bei Simon & Schuster Ltd, 05.08.2014
ISBN 9781471136726
Genre: Romane


Let´s confront the predictability first. You can see where the train is heading from when Miles´ PoV starts. A happy story with a tragical outcome leads to a complicated future that allows no feelings, no indulgence and no devotion to go deeper than the surface. A bucket full of heart break makes the story gladly different from the usual issue pivoting such characters tend to display. 
Not every teenage boy has to be a smirking, overly confident jerk. Not every teenage love ends with one of them cheating or them riding off into the sunset together. Not ever love story has a happy ending. 

Besides the obvious origin of Miles´ issues it´s also easy to figure out where it all will end. Ultimately end. 
And really, after being confronted with a truckload of emotions anything more dramatic would´ve been impossible to handle. Not every love story ends well, but every happiness deserves to be rescued. Since neither the past nor the future manage to surprise, what makes you binge read the book, then?? 
What forces you to keep your eyes from blinking so you can suck in all of the letters forming those beautiful words? 
It´s the present. It´s how the past influences the future by being an obstacle for it. And the present is full of falling, full of silence, full of unspoken truths. In between, there are Miles and Tate.

The story was heart wrenching, made worse by the simple, but effective writing that let so many more emotions bleed through than a ton of fancy words ever could. No floating up in the air, no sugarcoated cruelty, but hard facts, a lot of heart break and the reality of love. 

Tate: I love her.  A charming amount of weirdness meets a healthy dash of ambition (I´ll always be in awe of the medics of this world) and admirable sensibility when it comes to other people. Tate knows everything about herself, she doesn´t need to lie or sugarcoat her actions in order to feel less guilty about it. „I hate that I´m going to follow him“ she said and that´s why I´m so impressed by her. She isn´t stupid, but foolishly optimistic. 

Miles: Take a seat, please, because here you have - finally, unexpectedly, gloriously - a good guy!
Miles is actually the nicest guy a friends with benefits drama has ever seen. 
Yet, despite his kindness, depth and general greatness, I had to take deep breaths to keep from screaming at a fictional character. 
I won´t ever understand why people don´t deal with their issues, don´t face their fears and don´t trust the few really trustworthy persons. I mean, the fact that after six years of nothing he wants to get involved with Tate alone should be clue enough that he´s ready to change something. While I totally get his fears I don´t exactly understand his refusal to face them. 

Ugly love is a fast, gripping read that makes you fall in love with love and the possibilities it offers. It´s beautifully different from the dumb stories about mindless sex and bad-boys-gone-soft that crowd the book shelves nowadays. Hopelessly romantic hearts will rejoice and even the cynical ones will sigh now and then, I promise you. 
I enjoyed it immensely. 




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Ever the Hunted

Erin Summerill
Fester Einband: 400 Seiten
Erschienen bei Hmh Books for Young Readers, 27.12.2016
ISBN 9780544664456
Genre: Sonstiges


Rating: 2.5

You can feel the love the story is filled and crafted with. It´s tangible, the passion and devotion Britta and Cohen are created from. If only it had helped.

Ever The Hunted can´t surprise, neither by displaying a unique world, nor by creating a gripping, twisting plot. You learn all you need to know in the first half and none of the supposedly unpredictable events really astonish. It´s easy to figure out who´s the murderer, the „unsuspected“ villain, what the secrets are about and what role certain characters are going to play. even if they are only introduced to add a dramatic touch by dying an innocent´s death.

Ever the Hunted features the classical elements of the fantasy genre:

1) social outcast: well trained, sharp minded and smart mouthed girl sets out to lift all the secrets about her past and grow into a responsible young woman throughout her journey. Britta is supposed to be likable because she´s always been teased for her heritage and still managed to be herself not caring for the gossip mill. Her thoughts circle around Cohen constantly and therefore too often. Also, she herself decides to go through with her father´s plan. I´ve never been one to celebrate overconfidence and self deception. 

Noo, my father wouldn´t have done that. Noooo, he would´ve told me. Nooooo, I will do that no matter the odds. Except, he didn´t. Except, she should´ve thought her plans through. Except, one girl can´t stand against an empire by hiding in the woods. And by lying.
Britta suffers from the classical heroine-syndrome.

2) big, strong handsome guy with good heart and martial arts skills and powerful muscles. We are supposed to fall for Cohen. If only we hadn´t seen this type of guy 100 times before. If only their love weren´t so predictable, if only it would´ve raised from dislike and grudging attraction instead of lifelong hidden feelings. A love story thrives on the little shudders it evokes. this one feels forced, mostly. All we know about Cohen is how blindly trusting Britta is towards him, how much she´s always been in love with him and how very good he smells.

I don´t particularly enjoy criticizing the story so much, but in the end it didn´t steal my breath or blow my mind. It was nice, if a tad boring. We´ve seen this before multiple times and that´s not what it should be about.




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Crystal Storm: A Falling Kingdoms Novel

Morgan Rhodes
Fester Einband: 336 Seiten
Erschienen bei Razorbill, 13.12.2016
ISBN 9781595148223
Genre: Fantasy


Mother. Lucia´s never been my favorite character. Especially after her behavior in Frozen Tides I labeled her a dumb, spoiled child and despite her will for repentance awakened again, I can´t just forgive her. Granted, she admitted her mistakes, but since her new perspective issues from the child she wants to offer a better world to I´m afraid she´d be allied to Kyan still if it weren´t for her unnaturally big belly. It´s exceptionally difficult to overlook her actions simply because she listened to some prophecies and decided to search for her family again. It doesn´t change the fact that Lucia, the Improved One, still threatens everyone she meets to help her and thinks herself better than them just because she was born with some special powers. If only her family would show her some icy demeanor, but they love her way too much to give her what she deserves.

Sorcerer. Jonas´ story keeps getting more and more compelling. He morphed from the young, reckless rebel who had death following him everywhere to this leading person of a movement against the world. I´m not the biggest fan of his destiny intertwining with Lucia´s, since these two are on opposite sides on my like-you scale.

Son. There won´t be an objective survey of Magnus´ part in the story. He´s my favorite character and hell will freeze over before I disgrace his person with a negative statement. He´s the guarantor for sarcastic comments, overly confident attitude and silent pleas to see him. You may think we know all of him now, that he proved he is hero material for real by falling for Cleo. Yet he managed to top his own high set standard, because despite his justified hatred for his father and his similarity to him in looks and character he´s different from him in the important details. We learned that he wouldn´t be able to actually kill his father as easily as he makes himself believe. Nope, Magnus has the ability to feel, quite contrary to the rest of his family and to let those feelings make him care. Wether it´s for the good or the bad, he cares enough to feel betrayed by his excuse of a father and that makes him human.

Wife. For the first time ever I was rally annoyed with Cleo. Not because of her political decisions. I still admire her for never losing sight of her goals and her determination to follow through with her plan to reclaim her throne. Of course my irritation is fueled by her inability, her uncertainty and her refusal to openly admit her feelings. Thoughts of smacking her over the head made my fingers twitch regularly. She redeemed herself a bit in the end, but Magnus certainly doesn´t deserve her degrading their love.

As for the story at this point I´ve invested too much time, too many emotions and nerves to even think about pondering negative thoughts or complaining about plot development. Not that there´s any reason for doing so. Having been in love with the story from the beginning it´s more a question of not becoming too nervous and too desperate, because I have to wait ANOTHER WHOLE YEAR for the 6th installment.

A year!!! With this killer of a cliffhanger ending! 




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Marissa Meyer
Flexibler Einband: 352 Seiten
Erschienen bei Penguin Books Ltd (UK), 05.11.2015
ISBN 9780141340241
Genre: Kinderbuch


I´ve never been so content. I actually sighed when I closed the book. 

Since we´ve got a fairy tale mash up here I´ll be damned before I call the ending clichéd. Happily ever after, that´s what we´re waiting for. What else would all the strapaces the heroes of this story endured be for otherwise?

This series had me invest a lot into the characters, the plot, the world and the characters. Did I say mention them already? They ARE what the story is carried by.
A crew of so many different personalities and character traits as lovable as them makes not feeling for them basically impossible. Meyer did something remarkable with creating them and their adventure, with letting sass and seriousness collide and fuse them together to one pretty clump. 

As for the plot, it went down quite satisfyingly. The perfect mix of drama, action, hilarious comments and conversations and the consent separating of the team, which drove me crazy every single time, kept me fixed on the pages whenever I had time to read. 
We follow Cinder´s crew right into the hornet´s nest, just as it is supposed to be, where the Queen is waiting to poison not only the lovely princess, but the whole package of heroes-by-circumstance. I loved every second of it, although I almost drowned in despair occasionally. 

The last installment introduces the final two MC, Winter and Jacin. 
Starting with Jacin all there is to say is that he reminded me of Jace Herondale so much it´s practically unnecessary to describe my warm feelings towards him. If his name isn´t indication enough, look at his stoic demeanor, his dry comments, utter self confidence and absolute loyalty to his own promises. Jacin rocks. 
Just saying. 

Disliking Winter feels highly sacrilegious, so I immediately refrained from doing so. Disney led us to believe how very passive Snow White is, but since it was in 1937 I´ll let that lapse slide and focus on how Meyer took the best of her and mixed it with adorable craziness and heartbreaking kindness. She obviously is smarter than she lets on and keeps surprising with her insight and witty sayings. Her craziness is as much part of her charm as Cinder´s consent askew ponytail. 

In the end I´m glad everything worked out the way it did. Every couple (I even arranged myself with Thorne´s choice) . The dramatic final battle (thanks a lot for letting all of them partake). Cinder´s plans. Thorne´s crew. Kai´s future. 




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Nothing less

Anna Todd , Julian Horeyseck , Bettina Storm
Sonstiges Audio-Format
Erschienen bei Random House Audio, 19.12.2016
ISBN 9783837133387
Genre: Romane



Not that I expected anything else, but it really bothers me that I´d rather have read about Hardin and Tessa again than continuing Landon´s story. 

I even feel a bit bad about it, because he´s the good guy and practically what every girl should wish for. But between his constant wondering about Nora, his emphasizing on how very normal is and the abundance of twilight related statements (stop comparing yourself with Bella Swan, you are a guy!!!!!!!) there´s not much left. Is there more to Landon than perfect behavior? 
This boy has a serious problem with confidence an the fact that he´d rather fix other people than looking at his own life makes him a bit of a problem himself. 

Actually- and who would´ve guessed? - I missed Tessa in the story. Irony at its finest, because I´m so fed up with the After series. Still, Landon and Tessa are supposed to be the bestest of friends, yet he ignores her problems and she never cares to talk to him about the mess he´s gotten himself into. They live together without ever troubling themselves with each other? 

I´m also majorly pissed because of the food wastage. A baker - sorry, pastry chef - and passionate hobby cook create all those wonderful dishes and most of the time they go to waste? Are they crazy? 

Speaking of, at least now we know how very talented Landon is in all things sexual. Despite both Nora and him never tire of stressing his youth and inexperience, he is accomplished in all things mundane and erotic. 

My favorite parts, though, are those where the writing qualities of Anna Todd really shine. 

She´s like a kitten who wants to be rubbed and fussed over all day. Suddenly, I´m a cat person. I don´t know if I could handle the hair-ball thing, or the pooping-inside-the-house thing. So never mind: I only like kittens in Nora-form. 

Do people really think like that? Do people really want other people to talk like that? Think such things? Because they just made me roll my eyes slash cry of laughter and that´s probably not the reaction I was supposed to show. 

The plot is a copy and paste of every NA story. 
If the book at least would´ve surprised me with something I could´ve forgiven the real stupid stuff. But since Pottermore made Landon a Hufflepuff, I don´t feel inclined to show much good will. 




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cress, fantasy, jugendbuch, liebe, luna chroniken, lunar chronicles, magie, märchen, märchenadaption, marissa meyer, rapunzel, sci-fi, weltall, ya, young adult


Marissa Meyer
Flexibler Einband: 560 Seiten
Erschienen bei Penguin Books Ltd, 06.02.2014
ISBN 9780141340159
Genre: Jugendbuch


I finally grasped why I like the Lunar Chronicles so much, despite the genre and my general tendency to dislike those stories. 
Community, industry and the whole world are actually functioning! Earth shows no hint of a completely divided society or a tyrannic regime that leads most of its citizens to death for its own stupid goals. Furthermore people seem to be genuinely happy. 
Despite the usual prejudices against certain groups and the occasional jealous act against their neighbor, they can live on a farm and feed their chickens and have the opportunity to shower every day. 

That being said, let´s move on to Cress.
The 3rd installment, certainly is the most fun one. What started out as a team experience soon splits into individual odysseys with new pairings and new challenges. Looking at the whole picture I still like it better when they´re all together, simply because they work like a well oiled machine. Granted, an old one with character and an attitude, which explains the constant bickering. But I´ve grown really fond of their friendships and dynamics. Every situation, no matter how dire has a healthy dash of humor and mockery which helps calming down the heart rate immensely.

Now, Cress introduces to us the 3rd part of the puzzle. After Cinder and Scarlet did the basic work, helped us find the frame and figure out where the important parts are supposed to be, all that´s left  to build are landscapes and the sky. 

First off, behold some important things: 
- Don´t you ever underestimate Thorne again. Just imagine for a second to suffer from momentary blindness- waking up and seeing nothing but an utter darkness, a deep black. 
- Separating Scarlet and Wolf seems to be the most cruel thing ever. Also Meyer´s favorite pastime. 
- Staying on track. let´s thump our chests in respect for Dr. Erland, who not only sacrificed his life and changed it when he saw his queen´s faults, but also choose to live without his glamour and therefore looking up at people all the time. Although he certainly deserved to look down on some towards the end. 

Finally, let´s talk about Cress, since she´s the almost-final addition to the story. 
I have mixed feelings about her. On the one hand she´s been kept in a box rotating around Earth for years. Hence the naivety, the doe eyes and the fascination. Her fears are as understandable as her joy upon the smallest details Earth has to offer. Most of the time she´s really cute and I appreciated her standing up to Sybil on her own a lot. She´s an absolutely clever girl after all. Also, I can´t fault her for fantasizing about the handsome guy she has to stalk - would probably do the same. 
Yet I got easily annoyed with her as well. Not because of her view of the world, but mainly because she avoids Wolf and because of Thorne. I knew I wouldn´t like whatever romance he´d tumble into. It isn´t even the cliché that the smartass guy grows with the responsibility of taking care of the small, easily frightened girl. Rather I dislike how Cress sees all the good him no one else ever saw. Pffh. Obviously he isn´t nearly as selfish as he leads everyone to believe. Otherwise he would´ve abandoned Cinder the second he opportunity offered itself. He´s been warned by the law before, so I´m sure he wouldn´t have had any problems going underground again. But, alas, what´s done is done and I have to make peace with the situation eventually. 




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cinder, france, grimm, hunter, jäger, jugendbuch, levana, liebe, lunar, lunar chronicles, lunar chroniken, rotkäppchen, scarlet, thorne, wolf


Marissa Meyer
Fester Einband: 464 Seiten
Erschienen bei Feiwel & Friends, 05.02.2013
ISBN 9780312642969
Genre: Kinderbuch


I had prejudices because of who I am as a person.
Also, I have some issues with letting go, obviously. Since I really liked Cinder´s story and connected to it, I was convinced another MC would destroy the dynamics. 

Talking story line and development Scarlet certainly surpasses [book:Cinder|11235712]. It took me all but 10 pages to be hooked. 

Scarlet, yes like the hair, is a powerful girl with stubborn will and open minded principles. Instead of sharing Earth´s low opinion on everything she actually stops to look behind the curtain. The influence of media obviously never ceased to loose its power, but Scarlet is enough of her own person to not let herself be guided by it. Her plot line - especially where it crosses Cinder´s - is intriguing on its own, but there surely is one thing that raises it on another level: Wolf. 
I´m not the one searching for romance in every tidbit of story I can get, but. 
Ladies and Gents, Scarlet - a Lunar novel - presents the first bad boy ever to not only be blessed with smartness and hauntingly good looks, but also the rarest trait ever seen of his species: shyness and fear. Not of the world and its dangers, but of the fear and disgust one could evoke when telling the hard truth. 
He compliments Scarlet as much as he completes her. And really, although pressed into a few days time, their shared story burns slowly and deeply. 

Next one. Thorne. Seth Cohen´s brain meets Chuck Bass´ arrogance. 
Give me the pirate any time, any era, any place and I´ll immediately love him with all my heart. Thorne is the missing piece in the squad- talkative, overly confident, slightly cowardly, absolutely comfortable with every specter of his being and in a love-hate relationship with law and legality. Whoever he ends up with- she won´t be enough. 
He feels like the linking part between quiet Wolf and ernest-charming Kai. 

Speaking of, I want to pause for a moment in honor of the perfectly done dynamics between the various characters. The constant bickering between Cinder & Thorne, their growing friendship, their non-existing romance. I´ll cry fat baby tears if anything happens to their relationship. 

Fortunately Meyer also refrained from turning Kai´s and Cinder´s little romance into a big, star-crossed story that sucks up most of the plot. Instead, Cinder is able to call him an idiot and think of herself and her mission first. She´s neither solely focused on the guy nor lovestruck to stupidity. Also, Kai deserves some applause. Look at his life!! It´s the worst!

I readily admit that I fell in love with a story, of which I didn´t think I´d ever give it a try. 




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android, aschenputtel, cinder, cyborg, englische literatur, iko, levana, lunar, lunar chronicles, märchen, märchenadaption, marissa meyer, science fiction, stiefmutter, young adult


Marissa Meyer
Erschienen bei Square Fish, 01.01.1110
Genre: Sonstiges


I didn´t want to read Cinder for a loooong time. 
I blame the following two facts: 
I don´t really like robots. They creep me out. 
I´m not the biggest fan of science fiction. It´s so alien. 

But it´s a retelling! That alone should´ve been enough of persuasion and honestly, it serves me right that I only now get to enjoy it. 

Cinder is absolutely worth the love it gets from all directions. It thrives on the world building Meyer managed to set apart from nearly every other book of the genre. 
Romantic hearts all over the world have been in love with Cinderella´s story, because it teaches us that being the good girl will finally pay of. Saved by the prince himself. Sigh. 
Real life obviously laughs heartily at the story and throws the glass shoe back at the girl. Also, Cinderella won´t hit Top 3 of active, spirited princesses any time soon. 

Therefore Meyer made some necessary adjustments to speed the story up and make Cinder a character you can relate to. She tells her story turned upside down, with the important key players being thrown into worse situations. It´s obviously very admirable. 
Having Cinderella morphed into quite a twisted version of herself certainly helped to see her in a new light. Her past, her present and her environment forced her into being a slave yet again, but at least she comes with some major attitude.

Cinderella and love go hand in hand, so it´s basically all you´re waiting for to get to know the prince. Kai is a formidable specimen, all well-mannered, charming and having the weight of the world (a whole planet, really) pressed on his shoulders. 
Although we´ve seen Kai´s character before - princes tend to be smirking, dark-haired (no complains there) and good to a fault these days - he earned a lot of respect for his decisions. He as well as Cinder manage to surprise with their choices, because they are not driven by a star crossed, instant kind of love, but rational thinking and grand intentions. 
Their story goes way different than you´d expect and that´s something to get hooked on. The ending leaves the reader hanging from a breaking branch and compiles to go on. 




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The Hating Game

Sally Thorne
E-Buch Text: 384 Seiten
Erschienen bei Piatkus, 09.08.2016
ISBN 9780349414249
Genre: Sonstiges


Huge thanks to lovely Albertina for recommending this piece of chocolate pie of a book.

Ladies´ night with a mug of herbal tea, warm wool socks, a box of tissues and The Hating Game.

I absolutely adore this book. This book makes me wish to suffer from a momentary case of amnesia. I could enjoy it again.

It was everything to go along with Lucy, play all those childish, hilarious games and see her freak out over the smallest things. The constant bickering, the clever remarks and serial-killer looks make it the nicest pastime of all to just sit back and enjoy the verbal ping-pong. Frankly, I just wish for someone to play Word Tennis with as well, if only to see if I could win.

It is hilarious. Really, I was swaying between gently (meaning loudly) laughing with myself and reading passages out aloud, so everyone in my vicinity could partake in the joys of Lucy´s story telling.

The writing is absolutely fabulous. Apart from the great humor it Sally Thorne´s way to bring Lucy´s world to life with some well-placed comments and details. Picturing the office-of-hell was just as easy as Josh´s flat or Lucy´s tiny apartment with the smurfs guarding her living room. It instantly welcomes you as a beloved family member and beckons you in.

The characters are equally awesome. Relating to Lucy´s minor and major freak outs, her insecurities, stubborn behavior and fascination with the enemy (helloooo- he´s gorgeous) is about as natural as breathing. I loved the girl.
Please, don´t make me talk about Josh, because it could get out of control and take a whole day. Just let me tell you that I´ve never gone from darkly amused to totally in love with a fictional character this fast.

The whole story alternates between funny, romantic, heartwarming and charming so fast, it´ll make your head spin. So worth it. 




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The Falconer

Elizabeth May
E-Buch Text: 323 Seiten
Erschienen bei Gollancz, 26.09.2013
ISBN 9780575130432
Genre: Fantasy


Why, yes please!!
Now I know why everyone´s reminded of the Fever series when reading this. It´s like meeting a distant cousin of a dear friend. You know, when you get the distinct feeling that he seems familiar but you can´t pinpoint why.

The Falconer is quite different from the typical YA fantasy/paranormal/ whatever genre. It´s set in the well known Victorian era (hello, white wedding dresses) and combines not only the characteristics of the epoch, but also some fairly incredible steampunk elements and Scottish folklore. Something about the fae stuff just keeps pulling me close. The plot is way darker than the average YA historical fiction and the heroine matches the pace and vibe every step of the way.

Aileana is torn between her inner demons, her need for vengeance and her expectations. Living up to the orders of her father and the traits society deemed adequate for young ladies is complicated enough, even without the nightly trips Aileana undertakes to avenge her mother´s death. So yes, she is a heroine of the fabulous kind. She´s tough, sarcastic, funny, smart and sensible.

The plot is exciting and captivating, fast paced and strangely gloomy. Could be the nighttime setting, but a shivers constantly went down my spine. Creepily good.

Aileana´s personality is perfectly complimented by her side characters of whom Catherine certainly stands out.
And Kirian, oh Kirian. No further comment necessary.

Also, thanks for not agonizing us with yet another love triangle. It would´ve been nothing but dreadful anyway. 




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The Vanishing Throne: Book Two of the Falconer Trilogy

Elizabeth May
Fester Einband: 384 Seiten
Erschienen bei Chronicle Books, 07.06.2016
ISBN 9781452128825
Genre: Sonstiges


The Vanishing Throne puts most sequels to shame. 
Don´t be afraid you´ll get the average 2nd installment (because obviously I was and I kept myself on the edge for nothing).  
The Vanishing Throne suffers from none of the usual between-syndromes.

Nah, this time you´ll struggle to keep up with the fast changes, the quick paced story and the gripping events. And yet there´s room for some romance. Fortunately… because a bit of romance won´t hurt. 

TVT leaves nothing unfinished and opens new, addictively dangerous chapters at the same time. We finally get the whole story, only to have it turned upside down once again. At least it kept my heart rate high. 

If possible I liked Aileana even more than before. She´s so strong, so smart and so shattered. But again, it was the cast of side characters that made the story whole and utterly great. 

Aithinne just recently joined the crew with her dorky, lovely remarks which are rarely fitting the situation. She´s made me laugh within 10 seconds of knowing her. I´m glad she was introduced, not only for the sake of the plot, but especially because she´s such a wonderful sister. her relationship to Kiaran is the most interesting thing. 

The plot drags the reader through lots of frightening revelations, tons of unsaid truths, fake smiles and intense gazes and they all add up to another great book. I couldn´t put it away. 

Finally, the end was just cruel. How am I supposed to live with it until the release of the 3rd installment? 




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Epic Fail

Claire Lazebnik
Flexibler Einband: 295 Seiten
Erschienen bei Harpercollins Publishers Inc, 02.08.2011
ISBN 9780061921261
Genre: Sonstiges


I certainly expected more from the story. 
Not in terms of plot, depth and stunningly exciting twists, of course, but I did have this idea of a teen rom-com in my mind. You know the humor of Easy A, the charm of Ten Things I Hate About You and the occasional, but certainly necessary bitch-please attitude of Mean Girls.

With this very undoable mixture of hilarious Olive Penderghast, sarcastic Kat Stratford and naive Cady Heron in my mind I was bound to be disappointed. Is there one heroine out there to fit this description? Hardly, I guess. 

Don´t get me wrong, it was a nice story, quite cute and at times also funny. I liked how Elise and Juliana always sticked together and trusted each other over any guy´s pretty speeches. I liked how they loved their weird family, even though they knew how very unsettling they could be. I liked how Derek Edwards was all brooding and non-communicative. 
And right there you see the problem - I liked it, but that´s it. Nothing in this story really moved me, nothing could keep me focused solely on the plot and nothing managed to really make me laugh out loud which, unfortunately, was what I went for. 

The lukewarm underlying criticism of paparazzi and prejudices was just a feeble attempt of putting something more serious in the story. You really believe anyone will put down the tabloids now and start thinking about how very exhausting the life of a movie star is? As if. Either you get it right from the beginning or you don´t, ever. 

If you are in the mood for a nice, but fleeting distraction don´t hesitate - grab Epic Fail. Just don´t expect too much. 




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Perfect Chemistry

Simone Elkeles
E-Buch Text: 368 Seiten
Erschienen bei Walker Childrens, 19.04.2010
ISBN 9780802720993
Genre: Sonstiges


Every StepUp! movie tells the same story, so you won´t be surprised one bit by any of the events.

But you know what? I DON´T CARE.
I don´t care whether Brittany is a stereotype not-so-perfect-after-all chick and Alex is the usual bad boy with a good heart who had to choose the south path of life.

It´s the surroundings, the way Brittany and Alex both tell the story and the side characters that make PC so lovable. I do get why people´d dislike the book- it´s nothing new. It´s another teenage love against all odds and reasons, against prejudices and self fulfilling prophecies, against fears and problems caused by the own mind and society.
Still, you can count me as a big fan.

I loved how Brittany is a completely different person underneath and how she handles her sister. She still manages to be honest with herself despite her need to be perfect in front of her friends, if only when alone and without anyone to witness. She never once denied to herself how much she started to think about Alex, she just tried to keep it at bay.
Alex I simply liked for his ability to communicate despite his past and life. He is remarkably good at sharing his feelings in a straightforward way and not being embarrassed by it. For me the gang stuff was new and terrifyingly addicting- usually the bad boys are caught up in less life threatening things. Alex´ PoV was even better than Brittany´s.

Their love story is stormy and fast pacing, but anything less would be unconvincing. Ups and downs are to be foretold, but those two really are from different worlds. What else should happen? Although their relationship resembles a thunderstorm more than a light summer rain, they still have their moments. Do you know the StepUp trademark scene- boy and girl share the slow dance bathed in the light of a setting sun, all alone and all in love? This atmosphere seems to constantly brighten the story.

While the whole plot is weirdly cute and compelling, it was the ending that really got to me.
The book may resemble a bubbling volcano- you know shit´s about to hit the fan and you try to calculate the time you´ve left. The last 50 pages basically are the eruption of said volcano. You knew it´d happen, yet you hoped (in vain of course) and then everything came crumbling down and shattered to pieces. The last 50 pages really kept me glued to the book watching the disaster unfold with no chance to change it. The world sucks. Big time.
Because even if it is a fictional story with fictional characters, somewhere out there an Alex look-alike is in the same situation. 




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Marissa Meyer
Fester Einband: 464 Seiten
Erschienen bei Feiwel & Friends, 08.11.2016
ISBN 9781250044655
Genre: Sonstiges


We were told that Hearts had a queen. We were told that shew as a great ruler – fierce and passionate.

Even knowing how it would end (we all know the Queen of Hearts, after all) I dared to hope until the very last possible second. As if I didn´t know better. But the heart wants, what the heart wants. And my heart certainly didn´t want the inevitable to happen.

Alice retellings are the best retellings. The world provides so much and yet, authors can pour their own imagination into it. There´s always room for make believes and impossibilities in Wonderland. There´s always room for MORE.

Marissa Meyer took that more and crafted it not her own story, used it for her own purpose and let us participate in a heartbreaking reasoning over the Queen of Hearts´ decisions.
It was so incredibly brilliant.

Don´t let the light and sweet beginning fool you. Really, the whole book feels like a try to stop the dreadful misfortune that looms over the happiness. Reading and enjoying the story is like having a bad feeling you can´t shake. Like an unfortunate event you´ve seen coming all along, but can´t evade. Like a nightmare coming to life.

All Catherine wants is to be happy without disrespecting the king, disappointing her parents and giving up herself. Hopes and dreams, laughter and impossibilities, lots of cake and devastatingly swoon-worthy half truths all come together to get crushed under the heeled boot of fate, which- being the bitch it is - doesn´t care for hearts, love or believes. It does care for itself a great deal, though.

Prepare to fall in love with a story as colorful as Wonderland can be. Prepare to willingly give your heart to the characters and the entanglements. Prepare to pour your emotions into it and then prepare some bandage to mend the shattered pieces of your Wonderland-loving heart. For their IS a reason the Queen of Hearts became so obsessed with heads and it will break you, for sure.

A beautiful tale that turns dark when you finally dared to hope and leaves all the hunting afterthoughts and What Ifs one single decision could provoke, while you are still in denial, screaming NONONO in your head over and over.

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