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My Hero is a Duke... of Hazzard

Cheryl Lockett Alexander
Flexibler Einband: 48 Seiten
Erschienen bei Publishamerica, 01.09.2012
ISBN 9781462689040
Genre: Sonstiges


This is an autobiography which I wrote many years ago in my twenties. It tells the true story of my incredible journey in Hollywood. My reason for going there. I name dozens of the famous stars as well as very special people whom I met and had personal experiences with. Most importantly it tells the story of how I met John Schneider on the Dukes of Hazzard set and how he became my hero. This is the true story of a runaways experience in Hollywood and how this friendship changed my life.

I have a special hero
Of whom I wrote a book,
I hope the world would read it
Paperback or Nook.

An autobiography
Non-fiction text,
If it's loved by all
A sequel maybe next.

My hero is an actor
Known to most as Bo,
I had a seed in the sand
He helped my flowers grow.

He picked me from the cactus
Where no rain had been,
Befriended me one afternoon
That's when life begin.

Thirty years have come and gone
Everyday gets brighter,
Thanks to the friendship of a Duke
Who's real name's, John R. Schneider.

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