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north carolina, romanze, neid, paar, single

At First Sight

Nicholas Sparks
Flexibler Einband: 332 Seiten
Erschienen bei Grand Central Pub, 01.09.2007
ISBN 9780446401265
Genre: Sachbücher


In comparison to other Nicholas Sparks stories this one is the badest one. I couldn't put myself in the characters places and it didn't bind me. I am disappointed because there was no suspence until the last 30 pages... not recommendable.




143 Bibliotheken, 5 Leser, 0 Gruppen, 9 Rezensionen

liebe, freundschaft, strand, tod, familie

The Last Song

Nicholas Sparks
Flexibler Einband: 463 Seiten
Erschienen bei Grand Central Pub, 23.02.2010
ISBN 9780446570961
Genre: Romane


After I read "The Last Song" I can say, that it is the most beautiful storyline I have ever read. It is not only a love story or only a drama, it is a book about love, friendships and also about difficult relationship between a father and daughter which gets better after a long time. It is a story with lots of feelings and really easy  to read cause the reader is waiting for the first kiss or wants to know what happens next. The chapters are written in different points of view, which makes the story more exciting. I think the film version is worse than the book because there are some moments which are not shown and the story has a different meaning. A good example for that is friendship with Blaze. In the film we can not see how Ronnie and Will bring her to the hospital, which is the reason for Blaze's statement to the police so that Ronnie does not have to go to court.Ronnies' and Will's dates are also different than in the book and some parts with him are not shown.
But without looking at the differences between book and film I can say it is a book I really love and which I enjoyed reading. Nicholas Sparks wrote this story really well so I think I will read his other books, hoping to read realistic and amazing stories, about which I can think later and draw my own conclusions. 

2 Ergebnisse

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